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Ted Nugent on the Campaign Trail with Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Abbott

Posted on the 21 February 2014 by Mikeb302000
Greg Abbott (left) and Ted Nugent are pictured in this composite. | AP Photos
Abbott says Nugent helps expose his opponent's 'weaknesses' on the 2nd Amendment. | AP Photos
Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott says Ted Nugent is accompanying him on the trail to expose Wendy Davis’s weakness on gun rights. 

Abbott, who has come under fire for campaigning with the controversial rocker, told reporters at an event in North Texas on Tuesday that his opponent was “suffering” for her views on the Second Amendment, and that Nugent would help voters see her as a flip-flopper. He also said Davis’s association with President Barack Obama was a bigger turn-off to Texans than his sharing the stage with Nugent. 

“Sen. Davis knows she is suffering with voters because of her flipping and flopping on 2nd Amendment gun laws, and she knows that Ted Nugent calls her out on her disregard for Second Amendment rights,” Abbott said, according to a Dallas Morning News report. “We are going to expose Sen. Davis’s weaknesses on the Second Amendment and show that in this area and in so many other areas, she represents the liberalism of Barack Obama that is so bad for Texas.”

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