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Technology Gives Us a Broader Platform of Thinking

Posted on the 31 January 2013 by Brawilly @therealbrawilly


Man’s personal necessity is the sole driving force behind his mental ingenuity. Inventions and technological discoveries are a result of each conscious need that faces man. Without a doubt technology has reached its climax in the role it plays in human existence and no man alive can escape the benefits and trials that come with this universal revelation.

From fitting the entire profile and history of a multi-billion dollar company into a pocket size hand-held device to granting two strangers from opposite sides of the globe the opportunity to voice out their concerns and debate on a particular issue on a social network through the aid of hand-held devices and invisible electronic waves, social media has managed to eradicate boundaries created by time, distance, space, culture, race and accessibility. Social media technology has managed to cater for a need in civilization that has been left unsatisfied throughout centuries; the need of unity, not only has this phenomenon united individuals from across the globe and transformed national citizens into global neighbors living just a click or a tweet away from one another, it has also managed to bring large corporations and organizations into the homes and hands of the very same individuals and communities they strive to serve. This has made way for a new era of marketing and communication to the advantage of marketers as well as an easier, cost effective and more entertaining means of undertaking personal relations for individuals.

Like any other phenomenon or universal breakthrough social networking has been exposed to critics from various areas of study, including religion and psychology. Some critics argue that modern progress has given the human character width without depth, fluency without wisdom and has led the thinking portion of humanity in two divergent directions. What critics fail to realize is that individuals interpret their facts and observations according to their innate personal inclinations, tendencies and their feelings, with people being as unique as they are such a result was inevitable, and like any other step to technological greatness social media comes with guidelines and precautions to be taken by role-players to ensure the harmonious use of it.

With the world being where it is today we can only look back in pride and at the same time look ahead with shivers of anticipation flowing down our spines at the thought of what lies on the other side of today’s milestone….hopefully a whole new world of endless possibilities and an even broader platform of thinking.

Until my next blog…….

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