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Tearing Toast 流泪吐司 (1)

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
I first heard about the Tearing Toast 流泪吐司 (1) from Victoria Bakes' blog back in 2015.   I wonder why it has such a sad name to this recipe and went on to do a little search on it.
Apparently, the story is that the texture is so soft that it can bring tears to one who ate it.
To achieve this "tearing" texture, the key component was to use casarine flour 凯萨琳高筋面粉. This was formulated by a Japanese manufacturer for the Taiwanese market.
Here I am, curious enough to get hold of this flour for this experiment.
There are a number of Tearing Toast recipes that uses this flour.  I did not use VB's recipe as I don't have some of the ingredients.  So I opted to try this as I have all the ingredients and with whipping cream, I am sure the bread will be tasty.
Tearing Toast 流泪吐司 (1)
I am still working to improve on my bread skill.   I guess only by practicing often will have a nicer loaf.
But I am pleased that this time, I am able to extract air bubbles and produce an even texture bread.
Tearing Toast 流泪吐司 (1)
Findings: The texture is cottony soft!  With the whipping cream, it also added fragrance.    The sweetness is good enough on its own.

I was worried about the 8g salt that was needed, so I reduced it to 7g instead but surprisingly, I can't detect any saltishness in it.If you had plan to pair this with jam, lower the sugar.Totally love it, this is really very good.Now I shall do a 3 days test.Strongly encourage you to try.  Definitely a keeper!Thanks Peggy Lee for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

Next project, I am going to try using other flour instead of casarine flour and compare the difference.

SourceWhat you need:Starter dough440g casarine flour (bread flour) 凯萨琳高筋面粉 120g whipping cream140g fresh milk3g instant yeast1 egg (50g)Main dough100g casarine flour (bread flour) 凯萨琳高筋面粉3g instant yeast80g sugar1 egg (50g)40g butter7g saltMethod:In a mixer, combine starter dough ingredients together and ;knead until a smooth dough.  Shape into a ball and cover with cling wrap.  Let it rest for 1 hour.Tear the starter dough into pieces, combine with main dough ingredients except butter and salt.  Knead until elastic stage.Add in butter and salt and continue to knead until all is incorporated.Shape into a ball and let it proof until double in size.Punch down and divide into 3 portions.Shape into a ball and let it rest for 15 mins.Roll dough into a rectangle, roll it up and rest for 10 mins.Roll dough again into rectangle, roll it up and place into pan to proof until 90%.Bake at 185°C for 35 mins.Remove from pan and cool on rack.

Tearing Toast 流泪吐司 (1)
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