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Teamchat: Mobile Messaging App for Buisness

Posted on the 26 September 2014 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

If we ask the smartphone users about their most used app, the most probable answer would be a free messaging app. Truly, free messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, BBM have revolutionized mobile messaging. Everyday, more and more people are using these apps to communicate using free messages, stickers and also free voice and video calls and audio messages that many of these apps provide. And more and more people are joining or making others part of various groups formed on these apps.

While these apps provide us an excellent and free means of social networking, they fall short when it comes to necessary communication in business scenario.

One big limitation of these apps is the size limit they have to put on groups. As a result, suppose a manager has to communicate a message to his five thousand employees, he can’t do it using any of these free messaging apps.

However, now he can. For recently, a new messaging app was launched in India which has been designed especially to facilitate business communication. This app is called Teamchat. The two greatest benefits that Teamchat has is that it reduces clutter of messages by using Smart Messages, and because it uses Smart Messages, it can allow unlimited group size. Yes, unlimited! Even a million or more people can be added to a group to send instant messages to all of them and collect their responses as well.

Teamchat’s most innovative feature, that is, Smart Message, can be used to conduct surveys, polls, ask questions, opinions, seek reports and more. It comes with various pre-set templates, which are quite customizable. Specific customized templates can also be added based upon the business requirements.

These Smart Messages update themselves and provide the aggregate of responses. For example, suppose a manager uses Teamchat to ask his team about their sales figure for the day. Each employee can see the question on his mobile and respond by inputting his sales figure. As each employee responds, the Smart Message will keep on updating itself. Instead of displaying each response, it automatically adds up the number in those responses and displays that total. That is, even if ten thousand employees respond, the manager just needs to read one single message with the sales figure automatically totalled up. If the manager wishes to see a detail report, a tap of the button can load up the entire list of responses too.

Talking about this innovative free messaging app, Beerud Sheth, founder & CEO of Teamchat, said, “Teamchat makes enterprises truly agile by enabling instant, actionable communication across large organizations, without being overwhelmed by message clutter.”  He added, “Teamchat is profoundly transforming enterprise communications in the same way that popular messaging apps have transformed consumer communications”.

Teamchat also has an admin panel to facilitate the organizations to control and moderate users, groups, integrations, customizations etc. Teamchat is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, Firefox devices etc and can also be used through web browsers on computers.

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