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Team Sleep Sheep | Getting a Good Nights Sleep

By Annamoss84 @missanniebean
I go in fits and starts with sleep. One week I'm out for the count, another I'm sat twiddling my thumbs and counting sheep. I never really struggled I thought, until I remembered being about 13 and having awful insomnia, I'd go to bed before everyone else in hope I'd get a head start at nodding off. Instead I'd read books and never sleep properly, I was often exhausted and panicked about bedtime with being the last one awake.
Daft isn't it? It's only going to sleep surely?! Apparently not!
I love to relax but sometimes it just isn't enough so I've started thinking about it more. Luckily whilst I was going through my non-sleeping period recently, Dunelm got in touch telling me about their Team Sleep Sheep campaign. The whole idea is to promote products to help aid a good nights sleep! As you can imagine keeping my engine burning on caffeine and hold my eyes open with matchsticks, was only going to last so long before I crashed and burned out.  I needed help and that is where we are now.
Before I tell you about Dunelms campaign I'm going to list you some tips I've picked up in order to relax myself before bed.
Switch off I'm a bugger for this. My life is via the internet and all of it's social media platforms, so I find if I've been playing on my iPad before bed my head isn't rested. I'll have weird dreams that come from those images I was watching or reading online. Not very relaxing as I would wake up feeling unrested and confused.
Calm yourselfI'm not saying have a builders brew but I get on really well with camomile tea.  It tends to really relax me before bed. I did used to have Horlicks but daft as it sounds I'd go into such a deep sleep I'd have loads of dreams which I'd half remember, whereas on camomile I just go to sleep quite peacefully.
ShavasanaSomething I've started doing when I can is the yoga relaxation method of Shavasana. Essentially all you need to do is lie down and focus on relaxing each part of your body starting with you feet and working your way up. It really does help relax you and reduce anxiety or stress! I sometimes find if I'm having a particularly stressful day I'll simply find a quiet place to do this.
These are three of my main areas I've had to work on in order to relax, but I know there are other things I could also do to help. When we first moved into our home we bought the basics to get by with, but two years on we're still managing (just) and so we're really needing to update. 
Sleeping Wishlist with Team Sleep Sheep
Team Sleep Sheep | Getting a good nights sleep
Barney Blackout - Blackout Blinds - You'd giggle if you saw our bedroom curtains they are the whitest curtains ever and to be honest, they do sod all!
Team Sleep Sheep | Getting a good nights sleep
Theo Thermal - Duvet - We have a duvet but it's a down duvet and as it's getting warmer we need something better for summer.
Team Sleep Sheep | Getting a good nights sleep Rory Foam - Mattress Topper - I'm desperate for a mattress topper and have read about these ones that really support you. I know I definitely need something to support me to have a good nights sleep after training.
As I say I'm getting involved with Dunelm and their sleeping campaign.  As someone who has been very up and down with sleep I'll be chatting about how I get on with everything! Anyone else have dodgy sleeping habits like mine?

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