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Teaching Our Little Ones to Swim

By Umkhaloodie


Teaching our little ones to swim can be a truly frightening and fun experience.
We started off in April in an above the gound pool on our roof. Back then he wouldn’t even get in without me. The water came up to his chest and scared him a bit. We managed without arm bands and just kind of floated about. I let him go freely at his own pace and eventually we played games- find the dolphin, find the keys… He started by putting his feet under the water and then his hands and gradually his face until he got used to it. We are now nearing the end of September and he can swim no problem in the big pool. He has no fear anymore. He’s a right little water baby. Have patience, your little one will learn at their own pace. I’d advise all mums to start small and then go big. I’m actually glad I never put arm bands on him- I think if I had of done it would have actually made him more scared. I have to admit, I did on more than one occasion just throw him into the big pool and make him swim to the edge alone. Yes, it scared him but it also taught him he had no choice but to swim. Being cruel to be kind?


If you really want to teach your kids quick, there’s an article here that can help!

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