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Teacher Beats Student in Rap Battle: Mark Grist Versus MC Blizzard

By Periscope @periscopepost

Teacher beats student in rap battle: Mark Grist versus MC Blizzard

MC Blizzard: "I'm gonna get rid of Mark like when Germany brought the euro in."

Dead Poets Society this ain’t.

This video has been making the internet rounds in the last few days: Poet and former teacher Mark Grist challenges 17-year-old student MC Blizzard to a rap battle on Don’t Flop – and wins. This isn’t Grist’s first trip to the MC arena, but it’s the one that’s garnering the former English teacher some serious attention. The video of suit-clad Grist taking fresh-face Blizzard to town has already seen more than 1 million hits on YouTube and, according to local paper Peterborough Today, Grist is in talks with television stations for some mysterious project.

The battle starts at around 2:20. And, just to be clear: Though the theme is clearly teachers versus student, Grist never directly taught MC Blizzard.

The video, which went up around two months ago, has fans from both sides of the Atlantic – snarky feminist blog Jezebel picked it up, noting, “Remember when all a teacher had to do to be cool was roll up his sleeves and sit backwards on a chair? Those days are over.”

As for MC Blizzard, the dimpled Mancunian is doing all right, despite his defeat: He recently signed to Peterborough-based label, Launchpad Records.

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