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Tea, Misery and My Just Desserts

By Specialneedmom2 @specialneedmom2
Tea, misery and my just desserts

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I feel like lousy.

My knees are killing.  My elbows and hands ache.  My feet hurt (I am rocking slippers and thick socks at work today).  I am exhausted, and am fantasizing about collapsing into my fluffy bed.

I woke up at 4 am this morning, hit snooze a few times and rolled out of bed at 5 am.  I saw the pile of books my dogs had chewed up during the night (a few hundred dollars worth of art books, some that I’ve had for nearly 20 years).  Sleep deprived, pissed off beyond belief, I kicked at one of the dogs.

That was a mistake. I heard the bones in my foot crunch, felt bones sliding toward my ankle and ended up hobbling in the living room, my foot throbbing with the sickly pain that only comes from bruising a bone.  I wondered if I actually broke my foot.

I didn’t.  I just hobbled over to the coffee maker and tried to shed some caffeine on the situation.  Two cups of coffee later, I felt ashamed at losing my temper and my foot was sore, but no longer throbbing.  The poor dog hid from my peace offering of extra kibble.

Off I go to work.

Today becomes a day when I just get through, and I try to finish enough work to survive another day.  I’m curled up at my desk, sipping tea and cradling a bowl of soup and wishing I was at home in bed.

I have an emergency stash of canned split pea soup in my desk.  I’m trying to bring a small amount of comfort into a day where I’m just trying to survive.

I have a stash of cookies on standby.  I will be pulling them out soon.

What I really need is chocolate.  Chocolate makes everything better.  I prefer semi-sweet, and have been known to eat handfuls chocolate chips right out of the bag.

If you can find it in your heart to forward me a chocolate bar, I’d eternally appreciate it.

You can send it to:

Sick and Grumpy Lady,

C/O pain in the foot

Hiding behind her desk

If you could include some dog treats, I have some dogs that need a perk-up in their day too.  It’s not their fault I’m sick and grumpy.


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