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Tea and a Catch Up?

By Louisa @louisaioannou
Hello bloggers!So its been a while since I last blogged, but its because I've been away!Firstly I went for the weekend to Reading Festival! Which I can only describe as disgusting but amazing! The bands were great and because I didn't actually know a lot of the bands there, I was introduced to some amazing acts. My highlight of the weekend was seeing 30 Seconds To Mars and Ed Sheeran, who were both incredible. It was my fist time camping, and I'm gonna lie to you, it was pretty gross. The toilets in the campsite were beyond awful, and I have never had such an uncomfortable sleep in my life. And I cannot even describe how bad the mud was - at some points it was knee deep! As amazing as the experience was, I was sooooo happy when I got home to a shower and my bed! I'll post some photos soon! I would've done it sooner, but I used disposable cameras so I have to wait to get them developed. I'm hoping that I don't collected them, and they're all black!I can't wait to try out other festivals now; bring on next summer!The day after I returned from Reading I flew to Sitges, Spain for a few days with my mom and sisters before we go back to school/work. It was so nice to have a bit of sun and just relax on the beach after my 4 sleepless nights in Reading! Sitges is such a lovely town; there was lots of nice tapas restaurants and cute boutiques. It was just the perfect relaxing holiday!

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