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Tattooed Mom ..kid Art

By Kinderpendent
tattooed mom ..kid art
Some of my favorite artworks done by the kiddos are done on an absolute whim... like this one. It was actually a sick day in our home today. The ballerina was diagnosed with a bilateral ear infection and spent much of the day resting. While picking up her prescription, I also got her a new set of pens and a notebook to help cheer her up. The notebook filled up quickly, and soon her new pens were sliding down my arms. She got a real kick out of pretending to be a tattoo artist, and soon my older son had dibs on the other arm. I have to admit, I really love my new ink.
Go ahead, let your kids have some fun, too! Just make sure your pens are safe for skin, and I think it goes without saying, make sure it's washable!

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