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Tattermask - Carpe Noctem EP

Posted on the 06 March 2015 by Ripplemusic
What do you get when you take one part beauty, one part beast, and mix excellent production and lyrics? You get one of the finest releases of 2015.  Tattermask’s Carpe Noctem is a rare musical feat, one that perfectly balances the harmony and beauty of music with the brutality and drive that defines excellent metal.  Between the gnarly riffs and pounding drums, the voice of their female singer shines through and adds a certain amount of depth and skill.  I’ve found through the years that there is a great deal of sexism in metal music today.  Women are often not respected as vocalists within this type of music.  I can’t and won’t quote anyone on this, but look at how many female fronted metal/rock bands there are.  If you can name more than Kittie, Flyleaf, or Paramore (old Paramore anyway), you’ve done your research.  Make no mistake, Tattermask’s singer brings plenty of balls to the proceedings.  In fact, this group has released an early favorite for my album of the year.  I won’t do you the disservice of going through each song.  You need to purchase this album and listen to it yourself.  However, I was constantly delighted with what I was hearing.  With a chunky bass tone and crystal clear drumming to tie together the obviously skilled guitarists and angelic vocal melodies, you have a masterful group of musicians who obviously know how to write great songs.  In reality, this band reminds me of Evanescence in their golden years, stripped of the silly emo nonsense that drug that band into poppy and whiney obscurity.  There will be no tragic over-dramatics here.  This band is focused and has a lyrical intensity to match the style.  The words flow like honey, and they are heart-felt and wonderful.  Do yourself a favor and buy this album.  If you love shredding guitars, heady lyrics, and soaring melodies, this cannot be missed.   -The Professor

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