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Tastin' Cupcaken

By Mustachio @mustachio2011
With our Groupon vouchers at the ready, we pretend to be cupcake tasters at Cupcaken.
Tastin' Cupcaken
Pupils dilated. Giddy. I was a kid in a candy cupcake shop.
Tastin' Cupcaken
Tastin' Cupcaken
Would have wanted to try every cupcake flavor available but our vouchers and stomachs could only allow so much. Two vouchers, two separate visits, nine cupcakes, and this one blogpost.
Tastin' CupcakenTastin' CupcakenLeft to right: Very Berry, Mango Float, Choco Marshmallow, and Black Forest
Tastin' CupcakenTastin' Cupcaken Left to right: Lemon Tea, Lemon Meringue, Red Velvet, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Mint
Their cupcakes go for Php 55 each. Here's how I rank their cupcakes (based on my biased taste buds), with the least liked one down to my favorite:
  • Very Berry - I think this is blueberry cheesecake and I am not a fan of cheesecake so this naturally becomes my least favorite.
  • Lemon Tea - was disappointed with the icing. It was boring. I guess I was expecting it to be green tea-ish.
  • Mango Float - tastes like dried mangoes to me!
  • Chocolate Mint - first thing that came to mind when my tongue touched the icing? Toothpaste!
  • Lemon Meringue - the icing, the lemon cupcake with the lemon cream center went well together.
  • Black Forest - chocolate cupcake plus icing with cherry on top. Who doesn't like chocolate cupcakes anyway?
  • Red Velvet - though not a big fan of red velvet, I thought this was pretty good. Not too sweet.
  • Choco Marshmallow - I was expecting the top to be marshmallow but it was sugar icing, which I liked.
  • Chocolate Hazelnut - the winner because 1) it had Nutella in the center and 2) I am a hazelnut fiend!

Tastin' CupcakenCafe Mocha
Cupcakes are best paired with a cup of coffee. This cup of Cafe Mocha costs Php 95. Expensive, yeah?
The place is cozy but with limited parking space. The cupcakes look lovely but the price is too heavy on the pocket. Maybe I'll give Cupcaken a visit when I see extra pesos lying around in my pocket and, it should go together, when the cupcake craving is killing me.
R Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu City
(032) 479 9466
Mon - Sat 2PM - 12MN
How tasting Cupcaken left Mustachio's wallet gaping:
Thanks to Groupon, I paid just Php 282 for two vouchers worth Php 300 each. Plus about Php 65 to cover for the excess. I wouldn't have given this place a visit if not for the vouchers.

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