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Taste Tuesdays: Beer Glasses (Not Those Kind!)

By Shawndrarussell
In the last few years when we have really started trying a wide variety of craft beers, one thing I've learned is that good beers really do need to be drank out of a glass, preferably a specific glass that is designed for that specific beer or at the very least that type of beer. Most of us have seen the Sam Adams commercial where they show-off their special Boston Lager glass (see left):
 But the real shocker is that these glasses ACTUALLY work! Much like different sizes and shapes of wine glasses, what you drink your beer out of can greatly improve the taste of the beer. For many of the craft beers, which are higher-gravity, higher alcohol content, basically heavier beer, they really need to breathe before you drink it. Even drinking a regular, well-known domestic beer like Miller or Bud will taste better in a pilsner shaped glass. Try it to believe it!
Here are a few different sizes and shapes of beer glasses we have started to collect, each designed for a specific brew or type of beer. From left to right: Stone Vertical Epic Ale, Delerium Tremens, Guinness, Victory Golden Monkey, and a pilsner glass.
Taste Tuesdays: Beer Glasses (Not Those Kind!)

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