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Taro Milk 芋頭鮮奶

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
After seeing FT posted her attempt on Taro milk 芋頭鮮奶, I wanted to try it too because I love Taro!
Saw a small taro available in the supermarket and I decided that today I shall try it.
Handling Taro must be careful for some people tends to be very sensitive to Saponins juice which is present in yam.  So if you have sensitive skin, do wear a glove when handling.  If you developed rash while handling, try to rub lemon juice or vinegar on your hands.
I normally buy Thai yam as I find the taste better and it is softer and "powdery".  It is rounder and has less "lines"  It is very suitable for making a paste or fillings.
For Malaysia Taro, it is more longish and more lines which is suitable for stew as it is harder.
When choosing yam, look for those that is hard and heavy.
To store yam, do not refrigerate, just wrap in in newspaper and place it on the floor.
Taro Milk 芋頭鮮奶
Learnings: Next time, to add some colours to this drink, I shall rehydrate some taro powder.
What you need:
150g fresh milk25g castor sugar200g cooked yam
On a non-stick shallow pan, combine milk, sugar and cooked yam.  Roughly mashed the yam with a fork.  (do not over do so that you will still have some bits to it).
On low heat, mix and stir until it thickens and when draw a line, the yam mixture will take a few secs to come together. 
Once cooked, transfer into a bowl, cling wrap and let it cool.
In a glass, add the yam mixture, spread round the glass.
Pour in cold milk and serve.
Note: you can serve with yam boba too but since I don’t have and am too lazy to make a batch, I am doing without.
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