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Tarja - Colours In The Dark

Posted on the 11 October 2013 by Ripplemusic

Tarja - Colours In The Dark
Colours in the Dark, Mixed and mastered by Tim Palmer(Pearl Jam, U2), is an auditory masterpiece of soundscapes. The soaring vocals of Tarja pierce your soul and swirl around your mind like a spectrum of light. She has produced a grandiose epic catalog of music on this cd. This is truly a testament to her range and writing skills. Now a seasoned touring, producing, and recording musician of the highest caliber, Tarja is a vocal force to be reckoned with.

 "Never  Enough" is my favorite track. so many influences. This song is 5:23 of perfection. "Deliverance" and "Neverlight" are also power hits on this album.

"Until Silence" is a song that you simply have to hear. It is incredible. Powerful. A summary of emotions contained in her vocals. Poetry and power, precision and perfection. One of her all time best. This isn't music, this is a passion filled operatic theater.

It is clear that Tarja is defined by her ambitious musical styles. Her past is now clearly behind her and she is moving forward.  Opera and metal are intertwined within this disc and she clearly has a passion for both. That is her power. Where some will slow down or change direction, Tarja embraces all of her history and pushes onward.

 The ability to slide easily from symphonic metal queen into classical trained operatic goddess. This is where the true  future of symphonic metal will take its next cue from. This album, her voice, her passion. Simply put this is one great album!
10 Horns up!

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