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Tara Wilson Lucite Display

By Masfashion

untitledTara Wilson Lucite Display.1jpg Tara Wilson Lucite Display

Navy Horse Stripe Picture Frame // Neon Photo Pen Holder

Don’t you feel like there is a trend to cutely display objects (and bonus is if it is lucite)? I am not sure if it is the Pinterest craze or the trend of over sharing (I am guilty), but everywhere I look there is a cute, usually lucite, tray full of odds and ends. And not only do you have these trays filling up space you also have pictures you want to share with guests who come over. It really becomes a cluster *#$&. After our wedding we had lots of pictures we wanted to display but didn’t want the traditional frames overtaking our house.  Two problems equal one solution: Tara Wilson. Her beautiful and very unique way of displaying pictures in household items is genius!

She started her high-end line of lucite photo displays which include trays, boxes, and bookends, after looking around at a cluttered house full of picture frames. Frustrated at the situation and always in need of clever gifts, she came up with the idea of putting photographs in high-end, well-crafted household items. Ya, she’s pretty smart!

I hope you look up Tara next time you need a cool picture display or a unique gift! You won’t be disappointed.

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