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Tara Buck Opens Up with Entertainment Weekly About Ginger

Posted on the 16 July 2014 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

The latest installment of True Blood season 7 was a gift to the fans. Part of that gift was learning all about Ginger’s (Tara Buck) past. It turns out that the long time Fangtasia bar maid started out as a vampire obsessed college student who eventually came up with the concept of Fangtasia. Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) might have stolen the idea and glamoured that fact from Ginger’s mind. But now we know why Pam and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) keep her around. Tara recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the newfound insight into Ginger’s past and her future.

Tara told interviewer Mandi Bierly that she never had the opportunity to sit down with the writers to discuss any of Ginger’s past. But she had always thought that Ginger was some sort of vampire groupie and that she had some kind of relationship with Pam and Eric. She compared Eric to being Ginger’s version of Mick Jagger and getting to work for him and Pam as the opportunity to getting to go on a world tour for a small town southern girl:

“…She’s just thrilled to be there for the ride and that she somehow is chosen to accompany them. She was just smart enough that she was like, “I know there’s a whole world out there, and I want to taste it. I don’t know how I’m going to,” and then on her little research mission, she finds Pam and Eric, and it’s done. It’s like the fork in the road, and she goes left, and that’s forever for her. Her destiny. “

While meeting Pam and Eric was part of Ginger’s destiny, actually getting through filming was a little bit tough. Like the audience, the actors had a hard time keeping it together while filming the first scene together in the video store. Alex dressed as Eric’s version of Jason Priestly caused a lot of smirking:

 “…I honestly had a hard time with Alex not laughing through that whole scene. We kept kinda looking at each other and smirking. There’s that moment where I ask Pam and Eric for a job application. Both of us couldn’t really even say the line to each other, because we thought it was so funny.”

As for Ginger’s wardrobe after meeting Pam and Eric in the 2006 scene, Tara says some of it was influenced by the film Reality Bites. And it’s also her interpretation of what goth looks like as an attempt to be the ultimate employee. The scene also explains why Ginger has been kept around. Pam might have taken credit for the Fangtasia idea but as the actress says, the vampires have some form of a conscience. Ginger’s monolog referring to Eric as pure sex on a throne was also expanded from what it was intially to give insight into how Ginger feels about Eric:

“... She’s talking about herself. It’s like a peek into what she’s been going through on a daily basis and what will happen for the rest of her life: She doesn’t want to cross Pam. She doesn’t want to be out-of-bounds. She’s totally intimidated by Eric. But in her own private world, all she can think about is him, making him happy, and trying to touch him. “

Tara also revealed that the reason why Eric hasn’t taken advantage of her will be answered some time during the rest of the season and that Ginger hopes she can make that dream of having Eric come true before the end of the series. We’ll also be seeing more of Ginger in the next episode:

“…What I love is that for the past six seasons, everybody has seen Ginger as this sort of frantic, kooky, strange character whose nerves are thread-bare. And everybody sort of assumes it’s simply because she’s been glamoured. True, she has been glamoured—her mind has taken a toll with all of that—and she works around vampires, so she’s seen a billion traumatic things. But in addition to that, I think for years this dynamic has been occurring where she is pining after Eric and desperate to make that dream come true.”

Source: EW.com- “‘True Blood’ star Tara Buck talks Ginger’s past — and future.”

Image/Video Credit: HBO, Inc.


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