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Tallit by BOSS

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I don't know much about fashion and style, and I definitely do not follow the fashion websites or the current trends... but it looks like a current trend is some of our religious garb..
Fashion Blogger Billy George has spotted and posted the following (among everything else he posted) from new York Fashion Week, just a few days ago:
Tallit by BOSS
He does not write anything about it - Tallit by Boss, modeled by Yankel Goldstein, or anything like that.
I wonder:
1. did some fancy designer make this, or did they just walk into a shop in Mea Shearim or Brooklyn and pick up an average tallit?
2. is it a kosher tallit or is it just designed similarly but not actually kosher. I guess this muse might be answered by the one above it
3. Was this really a fashion piece on display, or was some guy just caught in the middle of a fashion show on his way home from shul?
4. if they liked this style, I wonder what they would think of the more colorful version - the rainbow striped tallit or some of the other ones...
5. They might like the style even more if they put tchelet on the tallit.
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