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Taking My Bagel Obsession to a Whole New Level...

By Boberika @boberika

I heart bagels (even had one for my breakfast this morning), so to have Bagelsmith enroute every morning before jumping on the metro it took my bagel obsession to a whole new level and was the perfect way to start the day! On the first morning I went to Bagelsmith, I was so over whelmed by the many flavours of cream cheese, types of bagels available and the huge but quickly moving queue, that I panicked and said 'I'll have what he's having'. Not such a bad thing as it turned out I ended up with a toasted sesame seed bagel with scallion bacon cream cheese (what a delightful combo). 

Over the next few mornings I ended up having a dark and hearty toasted pumpernickel bagel with everything and for the filling just plain old butter. I just couldn't make a decision about which cream cheese flavor to go with. America is definitely still the land of overwhelming choice it seems! I still have my bagels with only butter in the mornings - it may sound boring, but a simple fresh bagel is a wonderful thing and makes my tummy sing…


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