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Take One Aeonium….

By Patientgardener @patientgardener

Take one Aeonium….

Take one group of overgrown leggy aeoniums add…

Take one Aeonium….

a pile of old terracotta pots and

Take one Aeonium….

a few trugs of sandy gritty compost and you get

Take one Aeonium….

a whole load of aeoniums which I am now wondering what I will do with if they take.

When I got my first aeonium it took me some time before I had the courage to chop the top of the plant and pot it up.  But when I did I also, having read up on the subject, took stem cutting which took surprisingly well.  Whenever you cut the top of an aeonium off, if you are lucky, the plant shots from the cut and produces branches so you end up with a more interesting plant.

Take one Aeonium….

As you can see I have quite a few stems which I am hoping will reshoot to create interesting branched plants.  As for all the pots of aeoniums, if they take, quite a few of them will be donated to the work charity plant sale next year, where this year, the last batch of aeonium cuttings I took proved to be surprisingly popular.  That is most of my succulents sorted aside from the Echiverias which need to be divided but thats for another day.


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