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Tag (2018) Review

Posted on the 02 November 2018 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7
Tag (2018) Review

Five friends have been playing a game of tag for 30 years and each May they continue the game, meaning they have to go to different states to tag someone else and not be "it" anymore.

Everything escalates towards Jerry when they find out that he is getting married but hasn't invited any of his four best friends. Whilst this naturally upset them they also saw this as the opportunity to tag him for the very first time. In the whole thirty years of playing Jerry had never been caught! So the group always try extra hard to actually catch him, but crazy moves and moments mean they can never quite manage it!

I think the main thing about this film was to show just how much a childhood game could actually impact the lives of those still wanting to play it. Bringing the group closer together one month each year, even if some of the events have ended up on the ridiculous side! It does get rather violent and crazy as they try to trick one another.

Towards the end though it does take a rather unexpected turn and even with that emotional moment you cannot help but wonder if it was just a joke to try to tag Jerry once and for all.

I think the cast were great choices in the different roles and all added something to the film, obviously not the greatest film of all time but a decent comedy that reminds everyone just how great it was to play tag or tig as a child! It makes you wonder if you should easily give certain games and things up, obviously not as extreme as some of the events in this film though!

I actually thought it was quite a good role for Jeremy Renner to take on as we are so used to his more serious roles, although he seems to have some of Hawkeye's skills as Jerry! I am still very much on the fence when it comes to Ed Helms, just don't seem to be able to get away with any of the roles I've seen him in which is a bit of a shame I guess. Jon Hamm on the other hand, really something about him always so charming!

I was a little disappointed to have missed this one at the cinema as really did fancy seeing it. Now I have caught up with it I'm not overly bothered by it all to be brutally honest, maybe a little better than I could have imagined but very much a male oriented film with the stupidity and daftness. I guess the fact that it is actually based on a true story shows that men will still be willing to do this and it would be very interesting to know if any of the parts are actually true when it comes to the different parts of the plot as it really does go very extreme and extra daft at times. I guess I have now caught up with this, but wasn't really missing anything major.

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