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Taco Bell Bringing A Healthier Menu To You By…2020.

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit

Taco Bell Bringing A Healthier Menu To You By…2020.

Via USAToday:  ”Taco Bell – long-known as a place to load up on low-price, high-calorie and high-sodium grub – wants to fix the high-calorie and high-sodium part.  By 2020, that is.  The nation’s largest Mexican fast-food chain on Wednesday announced new nutritional plans to have 20% of its combo meals (a main item, a side dish and a beverage) meet one-third of the federal government’s recommended dietary guidelines by 2020.”

Wwwhhhhaaatttt?  But wait, it gets better.  Here’s the sub title of the article:

The Mexican fast-food kingpin says it plans to focus on a line-up of more better-for-you food because that’s what its target wants.

Is this writer serious right now?  Mexican fast-food kingpin?  Who says that?  Don’t get me wrong, Taco Bell is amazing, but kingpin is maybe the last phrase I’d use to describe Taco Bell.  They aren’t running drugs through the drive through are they?  What other profession other than drug dealer do you describe someone as a kingpin?

Anyway, what is Taco Bell doing here?  What’s their real move?  Why the hell would you make an announcement that you are planning a new, healthier menu, but not for 7 years?  What the hell are they going to do for seven years that couldn’t take 12 months?  We live in a world where things change every minute and Taco Bell just announced that it’s going to take seven years for them to change TWENTY PERCENT of their menu to meet ONE THIRD of the government’s dietary guidelines.  Excuse me while I ask a dumb question….What’s the point?  And why the hell is this taking seven years?  This is the craziest thing I’ve ever read!

But I get it.  Taco Bell wants to join the movement.  Everyone’s eating healthier, counting calories and exercising more.  Taco Bell says, hey people, we want in on this healthy thing, we just need some time to figure it out.  But in the meantime, check out these Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos that we just dropped!  It’s brilliant.  No way anyone in 2020 is thinking about Taco Bell’s healthy choice menu.  We’ll be flying around outer space and hanging with aliens by then.  Taco Bell, play on playa.

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