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Table of Delights – May 2012

By Patientgardener @patientgardener

Table of Delights  – May 2012

The Table of Delights is looking less than elegant at the moment.  It isn’t quite groaning with plants  but is definitely heading that way.  My seedlings which are being hardened off are sitting on it away from the slugs.  As you can see the rain has been pretty relentless in recent weeks and the temperatures have been low so I am behind with planting out.  However the low temperatures have meant that the seedlings havent progressed as quickly as normal which does mean that I have a bit of a chance to get ahead if the weather is fine this weekend.  Well it is May now so  its about time we had  some sunshine and reasonable temperatures.

Table of Delights  – May 2012

The observant  amongst you  will spot that there are some Auricula seedlings on the table.  I was given  these  as tiny seedlings last year by a work colleague of my youngest who knew I was into gardening with strict written instructions.  Anyway, I don’t know what sort of flowers these will have but I am thinking on buying some nice terracotta pots and making a display of them on the wall.  I do like waiting to see new plants will do, for me its part of the fun of growing plants from seed.

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