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Syriasly? You Asked Who?

Posted on the 06 September 2013 by Jezebel282
No Votes Here

No Votes Here

If we had to pick the last place on Earth to have a real discussion that would end in reasonable results it would be the Congress of the United States. These people cannot even agree to providing Food Stamps to the working poor of this country. Yet we have been witness to a full week of inane statements and totally irrelevant posturing. It is mind boggling when Republican Representatives from Texas or Florida state that the action contemplated would be a wrongful violation of a sovereign country equal to an act of aggression. Really? And that matters now to you?

While we are not taking a position here on the correctness or justice of U.S. intervention, we hope that whatever happens is based upon something more than the discussions taking place in public in the Capital Building.

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