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Synthetic Life

By Waynechisnall @WayneChisnall
As anyone who knows me will testify, I could never be accused of being a science geek but I do admit to a fascination with the more awe inspiring and fantastical theories and developments in contemporary science – especially in physics and biology (none of which I would ever claim to understand in any great depth – just deep enough to generate as sense of wonder). So I was delighted when Alec Bartos, on behalf of the Purdue University in Indiana USA, asked if they could use an image of my And When I’m a Man sculpture to advertise today's talk 'Synthetic Life: A New Industrial Revolution?' The talk is being given by Dr Gregory Kaebnick, editor of the Hastings Center Report and Bioethics Forum.
Synthetic Life
Although unable to make it to the lecture myself (what with it being in the US and me being here in little old London) I'm led to believe that the theme is synthetic biology and the idea that there might be a new industrial revolution: combining non-living parts to make a living thing, or a combination of living and non-living things - with Dr Kaebnick talking about whether or not this is even possible and what the implications might be for the ways we view humanity and the non-living world.
As I said, I'm a sucker for that kinda thing so I hope that it all goes well and that someone thought to film it and stick it up on the web.
Poster design by Alec Bartos.

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