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Swooning Over A Unicorn……..

By Kena @campchic

I’m currently swooning over a unicorn!  Yes a unicorn!  Not an “actual unicorn” (you know the ones described mainly in children’s fairytale books). No my obsession is much better than that. Plus unicorns don’t really exist. Well, unless you count the one that keeps reappearing in my dreams. Go figure.

My obsession is over a gold unicorn head mounted on a necklace. I want this gorgeous necklace. No! I “NEED” this gorgeous necklace. This beauty was designed by the insanely talented Hana Cholo.  Cholo’s amazing jewelry is sold exclusively at Project NY, a pop-up boutique located in New York City. I must find a way to make this necklace mine! Plotting………

Swooning Over A Unicorn……..

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