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Swizzels Hamper for Valentines

By Evette Garside @evette77

With less than 2 weeks to Valentine's Day, I'm wondering how many of you have already bought or even considered that small gift for your loved one?

Well if you haven't, then maybe consider a hamper full of sweets from swizzels.

Swizzels hamper for valentinesSwizzels hamper for valentines

Not only does one of these make a great alternative to chocolate but it can also bring back some retro childhood memories as most of these sweets were around when we were all little. My favourite being the double dip.

Swizzels have been around for over 90 years and always come out with special hampers and various sweet products to suit every occasion.

I have one of the small hampers above, although thanks to my kids, most of it is now gone. One of these hampers costs £7.99 and contains 500g of sweets as above. They also sell other sweet hampers in the price range of £2.99 to £21.99. For £7.99, 500g is a lot of sweets, I certainly could not eat all these.

Swizzels hamper for valentinesSwizzels hamper for valentines

The red hamper isn't the only thing that Swizzels sent me for valentines. I also got a huge personalised tube of love heart sweets. RRP £9.99. As you can see my name is on the big tube and inside are 25 mini rolls of love heart sweets, another memory from my childhood! Swizzels have also bought out some limited edition pink love heart sweets too.

Swizzels hamper for valentinesSwizzels hamper for valentines

Mine came in a clear bag but if you were to buy ther then you would get 30 mini rolls in pretty packaging with a pink ribbon for £9.99.

The full range of sweets and hampers can be viewed and purchased at Swizzels shop. And if you order before Feb 14th 2020 then you can get 15% off the whole site by using code V15.

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