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Swishing – How to Save Money on Clothes

By I Prefer Organic @ipreferorganic

swishing I don’t like shopping for clothes. No, it’s not that I don’t really like it…I just hate to buy new clothes, put them twice till they are out of fashion and then leave them on the hangers. Then one day, while cleaning the closet I will find that they are either completely outdated or too small. Finally, I will recycle or throw them away because who on earth will wear my old new clothes? The solution is called SWISHING or clothes swapping. With swishing we save money, have fun and we are so ethical and eco-friendly (remember the concept of Reduce – Reuse – Recycle?)

What Is Swishing?

Swishing is clothes swapping, but it can also include shoes, belts, books and other stuff. Swishing can happen in two ways:

Swishing At Home or On a Venue

You and your friends can organize a swishing party where:

- there is an entry fee to cover the food and drinks supplies for the party or you can ask your guests each to bring a plate;

- everyone also brings 1- 2 items of quality clothing (and books, if you have mentioned it in your invitations);

- organizers either price (reasonably) every item in advance or there may be a bidding;

- guests have 2 – 3 hours to try the clothes and accessories of their choice or to chat about the books over a glass of wine and some tasty bites; There should also be room(s) for trials;

- after trials are over, you either pay for the clothes and accessories of your choice or you bid;

- at the end you can continue the party with your new clothes on and have fun.

If there are clothes left, you can donate them to the local charity.

Swishing Online offers free membership for swapping your clothes worldwide.  has more than 17000 members from 80 countries! Here you can sell, buy or swap your clothes. Free registration and easy navigation. – for buying, selling and swishing kids’ clothes, toys and books online.

For more swishing online, go to The Budget Fashionista.

Have you tried swishing clothes or other stuff? Share your experiences and places you did this in the comments.

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