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Sweetheart Roland

By Itellyouastory

There was once  upon a  time a  woman who  was a  real witch  and hadtwo daughters, one ugly and wicked, and this one she loved because shewas her own daughter, and one beautiful and good, and this one shehated,  because she was her stepdaughter. The stepdaughter once had apretty apron,  which the other fancied  so much that  she becameenvious,  and told her  mother that she must and would  have that apron.«Be  quiet, my child,» said  the old woman,  «and you  shall have  it.Your  stepsister has  long  deserved death; tonight when she is asleep Iwill come and cut her head off.  Only be careful that you are at the farside of the bed, and push her well  to the front.» It would have beenall over with the poor girl if she had  not just then been standing  ina corner, and  heard everything. All day  long she dared not  go out ofdoors, and  when bedtime had  come, the  witch’s daughter got into bedfirst,  so as to lie at  the far side, but when  she was asleep, theother pushed her gently to the front, and took for herself the place atthe back, close by the wall. In the night, the old woman came creepingin, she held an axe in her right hand, and felt with her left  to see ifanyone were lying at the outside, and then she grasped the axe with bothhands, and cut her own child’s head off.


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