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Sweet’N’Spicy: A Tribute to Authentic Indian Cuisine

By Indian Food Freak @IFoodFreak

home-foodIf you look at various websites for the most popular cuisines in the world, you’ll notice Indian food often takes the slot at number 2. In 2014, Google reported that the top three most searched ethnic cuisines were Chinese, Indian, and French. Surprisingly enough, more Brits searched for Indian food more than Indians themselves.

Growing Internet capacities have bestowed Indian food lovers with new methods of searching for their favorite recipes, particularly through their smartphones. With mobile Internet being the strongest trend on the internet landscape, as told by the company behind the popular online bingo portal, Iceland Bingo, smartphone users can now explore the diverse cultures of India with just a few taps of their screen. Your knowledge of the delectable cuisine is no longer bound by the limited menu of the only Indian joint down the street or the recipe book that only covers the well-known and least exotic dishes.

Powered by the Indian recipe sharing online community, Sweet’N’Spicy is an Indian food app available on iOS and Android platforms. Its extensive database of aromatic and scrumptious recipes makes it a popular reference for those that possess a true passion for the cuisine. The app currently contains over 12,000 recipes with over 1,500 instructional videos, and with recipes divided into vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian categories, there is certainly something for every diet. A calorie counter and substitutes for allergens are especially useful for the health conscious eater.

Other than diet preferences, users can search for recipes based on other categories such as the amount of time needed for preparation and meal ideas for kids. For those that are wondering what they can make out of the ingredients they currently have in their fridge and pantry, the My Kitchen feature sifts through the collection and provides the best matches.

If for some reason you find yourself unhappy with one of the recipes, alternate recipes are attached to give you more flexibility with your meal. And if Indian food isn’t your forte, you can read up on culinary basics, cooking tips, user comments, and even learn how to make natural remedies using the same ingredients found in your recipes. Regardless if you eat Indian on a daily basis or are just simply curious, Sweet’N’Spicy will undoubtedly take you on a culinary journey of exciting, bold flavours.

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