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Sweet Spammers: An Open Letter

By Thismomloves @ThisMomLoves
Dear Spammers,
To begin, I must thank you, because so far you have not overwhelmed my blog with your attempts-at-free-advertising comments, and I have not yet had to resort to using word verification or other time-consuming methods of slowing you down.
A few of you though have taken a shot, and your efforts are nothing short of entertaining. For example, those of you who go flat out for the kill and hope for the best, with no attempt to disguise your comment. Case in point:
"Great place to get for (sic) bankruptcy public records at lowest cost and fastest delivery on internet."  (This was left on one of my "recommended reading" posts.)
Sweet Spammers: An Open Letter
Some of you see a natural opportunity, and you know what? If my post is about a butterfly party, and you actually sell related party supplies, I actually don't have an issue with sharing your information. That's okay.
There are mom bloggers among you who are just innocently eager to share your own projects, and I can handle a few "Love your blog! Please come visit my (fellow mom blog) site" comments. (I left a few of those myself back in my early days. You know, WAY back in 2010.) However: "Love your blog! Please come visit my (erectile dysfunction drug) site"...not so much.
Those of you who amuse me the most are the spammers who try to kill me with kindness before dropping your absolutely apropos-of-nothing link:
"Nice blogging. My review is very good example." (Link is to a site for a venture capitalist.)
Then there was "Eric" (probably not his real name): "I discovered your web site via Google while looking for a related subject, lucky for me your web site came up, its a great website. I have bookmarked it in my Google bookmarks. You really are a phenomenal person with a brilliant mind! Please Visit ------ -------- Training Class." Maybe there are bloggers who get so many comments that something like this would just slip through...but not I.
"I really like your blog its really nice. I really enjoy here. and Your article its so unique its amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing.Keep blogging." Aw, shucks...thanks, "Cheap Essay"! Sarcasm warning: as a teacher, I can't wait to promote your essay-writing service. Though based on your comment, I question whether your customers are really going to get their money's worth...
As with all spam in general, a weaker command of the English language tends to be a giveaway:
"Randomly explain each things very detail in this blog, thank you." Is that supposed to be a compliment? (Link is to a party supply site.)
But here's my favourite one yet:
"What an exciting experience! Hilarious! Delightful! True! Wonderful stuff! Thank you!" (someone selling... well, something) But what a nice ego boost!
If any of you (spammers or regular readers) would like to leave a similar comment without trying to make money off it, I promise I will post it with pleasure.
This Mom

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