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SWATCH....The Popular 80's Watch is BACK!

By Kena @campchic

Oh, it's like 8th grade all over again! The SWATCH Watch is making a serious come back and I like it! Swatches have always been popular in the UK. However the popularity of the icon watch was a different story in the States being that they pretty much had their "heyday" in the early 80's and mid 90's. I remember my 8th grade classmates showing off their brand new Swatches after Christmas break! I didn't want to be like everyone else in Junior High School, so I refused to buy one. Ok, so the real reason I didn't own a SWATCH in the 8th grade is because my Parents thought $70 was a bit steep for a watch. Now that they are popular again and I make my own money - I think I will join the "trend" and purchase my first SWATCH this weekend! Oh the benefits of being grown! Check out the new fun Swatch Collection online!


Designer Jeremy Scott's Swatch Collection




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