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Susan Sarandon Loves How People Are ‘energized & Awake’ in Trump’s America

Posted on the 03 April 2017 by Sumithardia

At this point, can I just say outright that Susan Sarandon’s politics are a flaming pile of garbage and just leave it at that? Or will someone say, “You need to provide receipts”? Fine, here are the receipts: over the past year, she has said some profoundly ignorant things about Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein and Donald Trump. She’s a purity-test progressive and Bernie-or-Buster who honestly believed that Trump was a more palatable candidate than Hillary Clinton. When she was rightfully criticized after the election, she spewed a bunch of bulls–t about how at least people are “awake” now.
So, Sarandon appeared on Friday night’s episode of Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert is no longer doing celebrity fluff and stupid skits. He’s leaning into politics in a big way, and his ratings have gone up as a consequence. So when Sarandon sat down, he started in on her about her politics.

I like the fact that Colbert didn’t even give her a chance at the beginning to talk about Feud, he just went IN on politics straight away. He asked her, “You said, ‘Some people feel that Trump might bring about the revolution immediately.’ A) How’s that going? What’s your assessment of how ‘the revolution’ is going?” This is what she said:
“Well, I’m so happy that you asked — not really, but OK, we’ll get into it. Well, have you seen this many town hall meetings of people from all parties storming and knocking on the doors of their representatives and complaining and screaming and yelling?” Sarandon asked. Colbert replied, “Not since 2010.”
Sarandon wasn’t having it. “No. Not since the ‘70s, I think. This is really out of control. Now there are town hall meetings everywhere. I saw one in California where they were screaming about ICE coming in and taking people. I mean, people are really awake now because ‘the cracks let the light in,’ as Leonard Cohen would say. You need that ‘crack’…Like, Goldman Sachs has been in our politics since forever and now we’re noticing because this guy is such a bozo, he’s doing everything so badly, that he’s not slick like everybody else. All the fracking that’s been going on… Now everybody’s awake, they’re energized… They’re calling their senators; they’re donating to all of these groups. You’re funnier, don’t you think? It’s doing great things for comedy.”
[From NY Magazine]
She goes on to say that, basically, everything is going to plan and the next step – I guess? – is “identifying real progressives” who will promise to get us healthcare, etc, and I’m sure that in Sarandon’s delusional little 5-year-old mind, what we really need now are more progressive purity tests. Here’s what I don’t get though, Susan: did we really NEED Emperor Bigly Fists in office to do all of this? I get her point about Bigly being such a shock to the system and how he’s spurred all of this activism, etc. But I still don’t understand how our current reality is somehow preferable to the alternate reality wherein Democrats, progressives and moderates all came together to vote Hillary Clinton into office and then set about dragging her to the left during her presidency. That somehow being “awake” now suddenly justifies the enormous sh-tshow that is our country under Emperor Bigly.
And I absolutely loathe this concept that people only became f–king AWAKE right now. Millions of people were plenty awake before Bigly. Those are the people who voted for Hillary Clinton because we took this sh-t seriously. We were already awake and we decided that a moderate Dem would always be a better ally than Bigly.

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