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“Surreal” U.S. Wildfires Should Not Be Burning in Mid-November | Robertscribbler

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

GR:  Nature, in this case the Southeast’s wildfire regime, is adjusting to changing climate. The speed of the human-caused change is wiping out wild plants and animals. If not burned or starved to death as the fires burn their habitat, wild animals are weakened by the smoke. They have no dust masks.

“Surreal” U.S. Wildfires Should Not be Burning in Mid-November | robertscribbler
“It’s a script that reads like something from the pages of a dystopian sci-fi novel:

“In Dallas, on November 16, the thermometer hit 88 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking a 95 year old record. In Ada, Oklahoma the mercury struck 85 degrees F. Further north in high-elevation Denver, temperatures soared to 78 F — punching through a 75 year old record.

“Meanwhile, strange, out-of-season wildfires continued to burn from the U.S. South to North Dakota and New England. In Atlanta, smoke streaming out of nearby wildfires blanketed the city. Red-eyed residents were increasingly forced to don protective masks beneath the choking late-fall pallor. In Chattanooga, over 200 residents were hospitalized from smoke inhalation and shortness of breath.”–Robert Fanney (Continue reading:  “Surreal” U.S. Wildfires Should Not be Burning in Mid-November | robertscribbler)

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