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Surprise AZ 4-Year-Old Injured Himself with Gun

Posted on the 14 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
The Tucson Citizen reports on another incident of parental neglect in a gun-friendly home.  The little boy was alone in a room playing with a loaded gun and it discharged.  They always report this part in the passive voice for some reason. It was unclear if a bullet struck him, or perhaps the recoil caused to gun to bash him in the face. Injuries were not life-threatening.
“As far as how he was able to get access to the weapon, that’s being investigated,” [police spokesman Sgt. Bert] Anzini said.
How come the parents, or at least one of them are not in jail already? How much investigation does it take to determine the owner of the gun and to arrest that person for negligence, stupidity or good old apathy. (I realize only one of those is a crime).
What's your opinion? Are they too lax with gun laws and reaction to gun incidents in Arizona? I think so. From the reporting of every incident as "the gun discharged," rather than "the gun was fired by pulling the trigger," to the reluctance to lay blame on negligent parent gun-owners when they are at fault, the whole thing is slanted towards laxity.
Of course these are usually the white gun owners who are just exercising their god-given natural-human right, the one protected by the sacred 2nd Amendment.
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