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Surefire Ways to Make Your Relationship Soar

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship, just plain stuck? Has the anticipation you once felt at just the thought of being with your lover faded? Do you feel you’re missing the enthusiasm and excitement that once filled every minute you were together?

Most importantly, do you want to rekindle that spark? If rediscovering elusive sexual attraction and affection is important to you, you might introduce a few of these suggestions to help make your relationship soar.

  • Surefire Ways to Make your Relationship SoarThink, really think, about what attracted you to your partner in both physical and emotional ways. Those traits don’t go away, but can be hidden or ignored as life gets in the way of thoughts and feelings.
  • Write a love note expressing your fantasies. Sometimes writing is easier than talking and there will be a permanent record of your passionate thoughts!
  • Show your love and desire through touch and kindness. A back rub at the end of a tiring day or a gentle kiss on the neck will bring comfort and a sense of well-being.
  • Small, but well-considered, tokens or gifts can show how much you care. Does your lover like red roses or Cuban cigars? Buy one, just one, and surprise your partner with a special treat.
  • Ask what you can do to help with chores around the house, or offer to do more than just your share of the work.
  • Compliment your partner daily and mean it. False praise is worth nothing.
  • Spend “us time” frequently, and keep anything and everything connected with the household, finances or kids off the table. Simply enjoy each other.
  • When apart, remind your partner daily that you are thinking of them in fun and loving ways.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.  Look at photos of yourselves in happy times and remember how you felt the day the picture was taken.
  • Close your eyes and reach back, way back, to remember the sensual sensations you experienced and enjoyed together. Then, do everything in your power to recreate those moments.

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