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Supremely Interested Method to Learn Spanish Language

By Tlb

“I had a friend, years ago, who learned to speak fluent Spanish with a perfect Mexican accent while working as a line cook at an Applebees here in Texas (he decided to do this because everyone else in the kitchen was a native Spanish speaker with very limited English skills), and the method he used is…interesting, funny, and just plain damn ingenious all at the same time.”

telenovela method to Learn Spanish Language

Marimar (telenovela) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You must have been pretty interested with what kind of method is being used as what the friend’s author mentioned in the quoted statement above. It’s not a very common learning method, actually, especially that Spanish language learning has more than the several learning methods we know of today. Well, to end this exaggerated introduction, the method that the mentioned friend used was the telenovela method.

Yes, Mexican Spanish has so many telenovelas aired on television. In fact, my country specifically embraced an era when Spanish telenovelas were famous in almost everyday. This was the time when we met Thalia, the most famous Spanish actress and singer we used to know of.

If you are interested with such telenovelas, as Spanish learner, you can take advantage of such interest by watching these telenovelas as well. You can watch them on Youtube or download it on selected sites if you really want to avail it. If it has subtitles, it’s even better. Not only that you will get fascinated with the story (usually, Spanish telenovelas are love stories) and adore the handsome and beautiful main characters, but you will have this chance to learn Spanish language enjoyably!

I hope Spanish telenovela can really help you with your learning. But of course, depending on these methods alone cannot maximize a person’s learning if he depend on these only. It is really more recommended to go to foreign language schools and have a formal and concentrated learning there.

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