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Supreme Court Decision on Conversions

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
the Supreme Court decision regarding the acceptance of private conversions, seemingly opening the door for Reform conversions to be accepted in Israel, was not unexpected. What is interesting is more on the side of the various reactions to it, rather than the decision itself.
Everyone is blaming everyone.
The Haredi parties are the most upset, obviously. They are super upset at the Court, but also at the Likud for being in charge for the past 13 years and knowing this was coming to a head but never moving forward with legislation on the matter and never allowing the Haredi parties to advance the issue.
The Likud is upset at the Court, saying this decision will hurt the Law of Return, but their anger seems half-hearted to me.
Smotritch is blaming the Haredim for dragging their feet for so long and not pushing legislation, thus letting this happen.
Some are upset at Gideon Saar for not yet condemning the Court decision.
Labor is not upset but is taking credit saying that Rabbi Gilad Kariv and his peers have fought for this for a long time and are now seeing the fruits of their efforts.
this is going to cause chaos and the anger won't go away so quickly. This will likely feature as a main focal point in a number of election campaigns in the coming weeks...
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