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Support Women Artists Sunday: Tati Kalveks

Posted on the 30 October 2011 by Juliez
Tati Kalveks

Tati Kalveks

Tati Kalveks is an 18-year -old girl from London who, as she describes it, is producing some beautifully poignant and funny songs. Her topics spread over a whole array ­of things, from female grooming habits to her love of gingers.

In one of her greatest songs, “Because I’ve Got Breasts“ (or ‘B.I.G. Breasts’ for short) she sarcastically celebrates the fact that everyone in her life is more than happy with her to enter into an unstable career as a musician because one day she is going to marry a rich wealthy man. Why? Because she’s got breasts, of course.

Says Tati about the song: “This one churned itself out of a song about not getting enough done, after enough people (family) pointed out to me that work is way overrated when I have the option of sponging off a rich guy for the rest of my life. B.I.G. Breasts is ultimately a song to show my friends, family, neighbours and anyone else who secretly feels that way, that even if I do take that career option (having realised that being an underappreciated musician doesn’t pay enough for me to continue eating), my heart wont be in it. Frankly, if it came to that, I may as well just whore myself out instead; at least I wouldn’t have to become domesticated then. If I’m doing it for me, it still counts as feminism, right?”

What I love about her music is that there is a profound message behind it all but she doesn’t let the song get lost in pretension or self righteousness. Everything is tongue in cheek and has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

In another song, “Barbie,” she ponders the age old question: would Barbie vajazzle?

Says Tati: “I don’t think there’s a definitive conclusion as to whether or not Barbie is a good role model – it depends on what part(s) of her you focus on. As a kid, I loved Barbie, because I saw her as a kickass career woman with no limits. Ken eventually got lobotomised; he was dead weight. The world is too harsh on her for having massive jugs; Barbie does her intellectual thang despite her stereotyped image. I also don’t think she would get a vajazzle. She’s too busy for that shit. I disapprove of vajazzling, largely because I don’t think vaginas need to be made more appealing with sparkly objects. Frankly, my experiences thus far as a woman do not tell me that I need to lure people towards my vagina, should I so wish. If the number of creepy men in bars, on the street, in parks and generally out and about in the world who want to see it is any indication, then I think my vagina is doing okay without a vajazzle. The survival of the human race implies that vajazzling is unnecessary. Most men don’t get turned on by disco balls. Ergo a sparkly vagina is more likely to be surprising, and reminiscent of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, than enticing.”

The best way to get a real sense of her personality and attitude towards song writing and music in general is to take a quick look at this behind the scenes interview she did with Abubilla Music, a small record label that provides young talented artists with free studio time. Abubilla Music are also definitely worth checking out, they have found some other fantastic artists in the path and make some great music themselves.

Anyway, here’s the interview and also maybe check out this song, “Liberation” where she nicely outlines what it means to be a feminist:

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