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Support Women Artists Sunday: Sick Of Sarah

Posted on the 06 March 2011 by Juliez
Sick of Sarah

Sick of Sarah

Sick Of Sarah began in Minneapolis, MN in April 2005 as an all-female band with catchy hooks, unique lyrics and thoughtful, well-crafted music. The band displays talent, passion, and an ever-present sense of humor that shapes many of their songs. They combine sympathetic acoustic moments with driving electric rock, often in the same song. With influences ranging from John Fogerty to Joan Jett, Sleater-Kinney to Vanessa Carlton, Sick Of Sarah brings an energy and blended alternative pop-rock style that has listeners singing along after the first chorus.

Guitar player, lead singer, and songwriter, Abisha Uhl has an ear for pop, a mouth for rock, and an attitude for punk. She first picked up a guitar at age 13 in Okinawa, Japan where she lived until she was 18 and moved to the US. She began listening to Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton, which led to her becoming a solo artist in the Minneapolis area and eventually becoming a founding member of Sick Of Sarah. Her lyrics speak maturely and sometimes humorously of love, loss, and often nothing at all, but regardless of the topic, Abisha will sing every song like it’s the greatest thing anyone’s ever heard.

Lead guitarist and back-up vocalist, Katie Murphy was always involved in some type of musical endeavor growing up in south St. Paul, MN. She began teaching herself piano at 15 years of age and acoustic guitar when she was 16. Always looking to advance her skills, she picked up the electric guitar early on during the course of Sick Of Sarah’s construction, per the band’s request, and has since found that flexibility and creativity are the keys to her performance. Katie lists Jewel and John Fogerty as her biggest musical influences.

Jessie Farmer originally from Peoria, IL, decided on music as her passion at the tender age of 7 when a piano was introduced into her home. She learned both the guitar and drums after that. She found success as the touring bass player for prominent Minneapolis punk rock band, Babes in Toyland in 2000. Jessie had sworn off the bass just before she was approached by lead singer Abisha to play in her new band. Jessie cowrites many of SOS’s songs. Influenced by Joan Jett and the Mamas and the Papas, Jessie brings a natural, seasoned rock tone as the bass player and back-up vocalist.

Drummer Brooke Svanes began playing drums when she was 11 years old and since then has become a meticulously skillful drummer. She has been in bands all through her teen years in Bismarck, ND and now calls Minneapolis her home. She may look at ease behind a set, but do not be fooled by her calmness; you are guaranteed to feel her Sleater-Kinney influence as well as a decade of practice in every beat she makes.

You may have noticed there is no one named Sarah in the band. The namesake for the band is in fact a Sarah—the lead singer’s former roommate who stated one day she was just plain sick of her own name. It caught the girls’ ears and then caught on.

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