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Support Women Artists Sunday: Girls In Trouble

Posted on the 22 May 2011 by Juliez


Alicia Jo Rabins hails from Brooklyn, New York. Alicia started violin lessons at the age of three and has trained herself to be a classical violinist. While growing up with such aspirations, Alicia also snuck out of her house to go see punk concerts while growing up. Alicia soon left New York on a schooner where she first mastered her playing of old-time folk pieces on the fiddle.

Alicia’s first rock band was known as The Mammals and allowed her to play with the likes of Pete Seeger and Jay Ungar. She spring-boarded from this experience to form trio Underbelly which described themselves as “new old-time.” Seeking out music that more fit her roots, she joined band Golem. Golem had a smashing success in reinventing Klezmer songs into punk pieces. The Washington Post reported, “Golem produces the kind of music you’d expect if the shtetl were filled with punks instead of peasants”.

Alicia has since gone on to work on solo project Girls In Trouble. Alicia writes all of her music and has released two albums, the most recent of which being Half You Half me. Alicia writes many of her songs about women in the Bible, which is no doubt a direct correlation to her studies of the Bible. The band has since expanded to a full group that travels to places as far as Stockholm.

Alicia if anything proves that no matter what your passion is, you should chase that dream and do what you really love. Alicia worked her way to a position that allowed her to combine her heritage, her music, and her desire to make a statement.

-Paraphrasings taken from JDubRecords and G-DCast

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