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Posted on the 19 September 2011 by Devondb @ddbthewriter
I just received the following email from Andrew Gavin Marshall, an independent researcher and writer. Readers may remember him from the recent interview entitled Libya, Syria, and the West: An Interview with Andrew Gavin Marshall.

I would like to announce the launching of the first phase of an ambitious new project which I refer to as 'The People's Project.' This first phase - the Book Project - is an initiative to use social media networking and fundraising to raise money in order to fund the time and effort to write a book analyzing the ideas, institutions, and individuals of power in our world, and set out a means of countering that system in creating an alternative which may liberate humanity from all that controls and oppresses it. The book would serve as a foundation for the philosophy and actions of The People's Project: funded entirely by donations from people around the world, accessed through social media networking. The Project would act in a similar fashion as the major philanthropic foundations (supporting education, ideology, research, think tanks, media, arts, music, civil society, social movements, etc), but unlike the major foundations (funded by billionaires, industrialists and philanthropists), the People's Project would be funded by the people on a specific project basis, and unlike the major foundations which fund and operate with an aim to control, co-opt, and engineer society for the interests of the elite and the engineering of consent, the People's Project would fund and support projects with a strict adherence to supporting the liberation of humanity from all the systems and structures that oppress it.
I am launching the first phase of this - The People's Book Project - and ask for your support, whether it is in the form of donations or better yet, in terms of spreading the word, promoting the initiative, and building the momentum for a new project which seeks to create a new alternative to the system we live under. 
The website is: http://www.thepeoplesbookproject.com
For information on the book itself: http://thepeoplesbookproject.com/about-the-book/
For the information on this specific project, see: http://thepeoplesbookproject.com/about/
And for a better, more comprehensive understanding behind The People's Project, please see the 'Project Philosophy' here:http://thepeoplesbookproject.com/project-philosophy/

I encourage all readers support Mr. Marshall in this endeavor. Even if one cannot donate money, please spread the word.

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