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Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3

Posted on the 30 November 2017 by Entertainmentjolt @Entertain_Jolt

With the big DCTV crossover that happened on The CW this week, Crisis on Earth-X, it seemed like the best time to play catch-up with this season of Supergirl.

Season three premiered on October 9th and will likely contain twenty-two episodes, if last season is any indication of what to expect with the show on The CW.  Like all DCTV shows, there’s a theme for every season.  We saw season one focusing on if Kara (Melissa Benoist) could be Supergirl, season two focused on if Kara could have it all as Kara Danvers and Supergirl, and this season — season three is all about what does it mean to be human?

So, here’s my breakdown and thoughts for the first seven episodes of this season:

Episode 1: Girl of Steel

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
With this season’s theme being about what it means to be human, I think that a big part of that for Kara’s world normally which means her friends that keep her centered and anchored to the human world.  In season one, we see this fight for Kara to keep her job at CatCo and this is like turning it all upside down.  It isn’t just James (Mehcad Brooks) that Kara pushes away and distances herself from, but basically everyone else in her life.  There have been about five months that have passed between the end of season two and the beginning of season three, so from what it seems, this seems to be the state that Kara’s been in during that entire span of time.  I really didn’t think that I was going to like Kara just from seeing the trailer for this, it felt disjointed and not the Supergirl that I’ve been watching for two years now.  I feel like they did bring it together by the end of the episode and I appreciate not having to wait through several episodes of super angsty Kara because I would have just stopped watching.

One of my favorite things about Supergirl is the relationship with the Danvers sisters and we haven’t really gotten that in season two as much as we did in season one, so I’m always hoping for more.  There were a lot of moments in this episode where I just kept asking the TV why Kara didn’t just talk to Alex (Chryler Leigh).  I feel like any excuse about how she doesn’t want to interrupt her time with Maggie (Floriana Lima) is just bad writing, in my opinion.  Season one established how strong they were and built on it and then it just feels like they’re letting us down in that department.  I did applaud the line where Alex tells Kara that “Kara Danvers is my favorite person.  She’s saved me more times than Supergirl ever could, so think about that while you’re trying to get rid of her.”  I really want more of that between the Danvers sisters for the rest of the season, would love to see that even strengthened.

With CatCo being around since the pilot, we’ve seen it change hands throughout the years as well as the time we see it change.  I personally feel like as important as CatCo is to Kara, or it has been in past seasons, that I’m glad that we see less of it than we did in season one.  Why do I say that?  I feel like a big part of CatCo was Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), but also the relationships between Kara, James, and Winn (also, anyone else miss Lucy?  Me too).  With Cat Grant now working for the president (aka Wonder Woman) as press secretary, it’s not quite the same.  Snapper Carr is also apparently on sabbatical, so that leaves less of someone to challenge Kara when it comes to journalism.  I feel like they really want James to work, and so do I, I feel like they did a really good job with casting but that there’s just not enough time for a story when it comes to James.  I wasn’t sure about Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) and L Corp buying CatCo Magazine, but let me just tell you…I am absolutely loving it.  Not only do I adore Katie McGrath, another great casting (they seriously are amazing in the casting department), but she has amazing chemistry with Melissa Benoist (Kara) and surprisingly Mehcad Brooks (James).  I am extremely hopeful with this.  

The DEO hasn’t changed since season two, except apparently, Supergirl has decided that she’s full-time rather than part-time.  I’m still absolutely loving Winn being a part of the DEO.  I think that he has great chemistry with J’onn and Alex, he brings a different personality to the serious cave.  I will say that I wish we could see Vasquez, it’s going to be on my wishlist for season three.  

In past seasons, we’ve had this sort of rich-human-bad-guy-with-a-huge-company-will-they-or-won’t-they-be-a-villain character.  In season one, we had Maxwell Lord with Lord Tech, who just sort of disappeared after the end of the season (and the swap between CBS and The CW).  In season two, we had Lena Luthor and L Corp who is still on the show and is definitely on the good side of things.  Season three has brought us another such character, Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) with EDGE.  For those of you who watch a lot of TV, you probably recognize him as General Glenn Talbot from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  There’s this really interesting pull for power between Morgan and Lena throughout the episode, including their race to buy CatCo.  Edge wants to buy the company in order to use CatCo magazine to “defame his enemies and promote his own agenda”, which Lena just won’t stand for.  Much like we see with Maxwell Lord in season one, Edge uses some minions and has some side stuff going on with General Lane and tech.  I really felt like Edge was basically Talbot except on Supergirl, to be honest.  

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
One of the things we know is coming is Reign.  We know that Odette Annable has been cast as Reign, who we first see in this episode as Samantha “Sam” Arias.  We also meet Sam’s daughter, Ruby (Emma Tremblay).  The first hint of superpowers is when Sam lifts scaffolding off of her daughter, but that’s it.  More to come throughout the rest of the season to be sure.  

If you were a little surprised by a different actress playing Alura in Kara’s flashbacks it is because she was recast.  Erica Durance is now playing Alura Zor-El and you’ll recognize her if you watched Smallville, she was Lois Lane.  Alura and Astra were both previously played by Laura Benanti, who is likely unavailable because of commitments in New York as well as being a new mom.  Though I really loved Laura Benanti, I think that Erica Durance is a good cast and one big thing I appreciated was that they put her in a different outfit than they previously have had.

For those who ship Karamel, I’m sure you’re still mourning the loss of Mon-El.  Though Kara had to send him away at the end of season two, we get to see him in Kara’s dreams as well as her making mention of him.  I never really fell in love with this ship, so I’m not completely sure how I feel about Kara’s mourning of him, but I do appreciate that they don’t just retcon it.  

For those who ship SuperCorp, even if it’s not canon, I’m sure you’re appreciating the increased amount of scenes that we’ll see between Kara and Lena.  I love that Lena seems to be as bright and bubbly in this episode as we’re used to seeing Kara.  I feel like in this episode we see a lot of instances where they act like the other has in the previous season.  I am just really enjoying their relationship and hope that we see more of them.  

For those who ship Sanvers, there are always moments that sort of jar me when it comes to Alex and Maggie.  I think that at this point I expect Maggie to be more understanding of why Alex acts like she does, like when Alex is worried about Kara shutting her out so she really isn’t in the mood anymore to do the wedding food taste testing.  We get this moment from Maggie where I seriously thought she’d called off the engagement.  Sure, Maggie probably doesn’t want to feel like she comes in last (and Kara acting like she has been has been grating on Maggie because of how it affects Alex), but I just thought that was a little too far to take things.  I absolutely love the fact that Winn ships them, telling them “You two are my favorite couple”.  One of the things that I thought was extremely common sense that seemed to take a bit too long, in my opinion, to resolve was who would walk Alex down the aisle (since you know, Jeremiah’s really not an option currently).  It seems so obvious to me that it would be J’onn, but it’s like even then…it’s 2017, her mom could walk her down the aisle.  

The one thing that really pulled me out of the episode was when Cat Grant is talking on the TV in the background of Kara’s apartment.  Cat grant is bringing up basically Trump and how it’s normalizing crazy.  I get how Supergirl’s been all about talking about current events in their own way, but I felt like this was too obvious and I even said out loud that they were on another Earth where Wonder Woman (well, Lynda Carter, same thing) is president.  

Episode 2: Triggers

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
This episode is all about a supervillain with the ability to trigger people’s fears in order to incapacitate them.  The villain we see is Psi/Yael Grobglas, who is played by Gayle Marsh who you might recognize as Petra from Jane the Virgin.  I was a little unsure about this, I’ve seen the actress on Jane the Virgin, but wow!  Just wow!  Casting, once again, just on the spot.  Whenever you have someone with psychic abilities, there’s a lot of facial close-ups and that’s where a lot of the acting is required.  Gayle does an amazing job as Psi.  Though I felt like the episode built up to a lot with her and the takedown was anti-climatic, I felt like at the same time it makes sense since she’s got a mental power rather than a physical fight.  

With this season’s theme being about what does it mean to be human, I’m obviously looking at Kara who keeps bringing up about being Kryptonian and sort of abandoning her human side (which means also being a Danvers).  I think that ultimately, Alex is the one who anchors Kara to her humanity and that’s one of the reasons why their relationship is so important.  We get to see it more in this episode, but there are still a lot of instances where Kara is just not confiding in Alex.  I think that it’s Kara trying to move forward, but having such a hard time that she sort of back peddles and reverts to her old ways.  Instead of Kara talking to Alex, we see her leaning on Winn and while I like that, I feel like there’s so much that Alex should know especially with Kara’s fears that she was absolutely clueless about.  It was nice to see the big sister, I shall glare at you until you tell me what I need to know, the moment between Alex and Winn in order for him to spill what he knew about Kara.  Alex just wants to do anything she can to make sure she’s taking care of Kara.  It made me wonder if Kara had suppressed the claustrophobia and that Psi triggered a resurgence of them?  One of my absolute favorite moments from this episode is when Alex reminds Kara “You got me” and then scoots in to hug her, it felt very much like season one Danvers sisters.

CatCo is definitely changing with Lena at the helm, but not in a crazy way.  We find out that Lena, well L Corp, bought CatCo Magazine for $750 million.  Something that I’m sure everyone appreciated was when Lena told Miss Tessmacher that anyone should be able to use Cat’s exclusive elevator, though I will expect to see Cat return at one point and make a comment about it.  The sort of butting of heads between Lena and James with Kara sort of in the middle, but knowing what Lena’s been up to, was sort of humorous, but I feel bad for the guy at the same time.  I’m still loving the dynamic between Lena and James, which I think is going to be good for the season and for Kara as well since they’re both very much the cheerleaders of both Kara Danvers and Supergirl.  I look forward to seeing how their friendship develops.  I’m not sure where the writers are going with this.  Frienemies?  Ship them?  I’m not sure.  It’s definitely something to keep an eye on.  

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
We see Samantha and Ruby Arias in this episode as well.  There’s some team angst and a hard relationship with the two of them, but it’s obvious that it’s a newer thing.  Sam is trying the best she can as a working single mom, especially when it’s supposed to be her first day of a new job.  I do actually really like how they are introducing the two of them, we don’t get all the information all at once, the information just sort of trickles in.  We get to find out that Sam is actually taking over as CFO of L Corp for Lena, which it seems like she has this great friendship with Lena (and likely with Kara).  I love the cute moment of her trying to test to make sure she really doesn’t have powers by attempting to bend a crowbar.  

For all the Karamel lovers, we get another nod to that ship.  Kara finds a discarded Romeo and Juliet book under her bed that Mon-El actually wrote notes in.  It’s this moment, but then she puts it back whether it’s not wanting to face the memory or not wanting to disrupt where it was last.

We’re still having some great moments between Lena and Kara, for SuperCorp shippers.  I do love the dynamic of super serious friend/boss mode.  I think that Lena is really knowing how to push Kara, which is just so great of them knowing each other.  

Sanvers continues and their argument in the DEO is amazing, especially since Winn and J’onn weigh in over band versus DJ.  We get this little hiccup moment between Alex and Maggie, after Maggie points out how good Alex is with kids and Alex admits it’s like a superpower we get this micro talk about how Maggie doesn’t want kids, but they say they need to talk about it later.  Even though I feel like this should have been a conversation pre-engagement, I know that they sort of jumped into it after what had happened at the end of season two.  Though for some people it’s just not something that they bring up so early on in a relationship or there are simply assumptions.  

In the last episode, we saw the recast of Alura (Erica Durance), but something that made me a little twitchy was that they completely reshot the same sequence in the flashback of the explosion of Krypton.  I would have honestly rather that they had done something new.  Some of it was, obviously, but there were shots that were exactly what we had seen before.  I just felt like it would have been a better use of their recast and their time.  

Episode 3: Far From the Tree

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
This episode very much felt like two episodes that they were forced to shove into one and leave out anything with CatCo, L Corp, and Reign related.  The two storylines in this episode were the big Sanvers bridal shower and then J’onn going to Mars after M’gann had summoned him at the end of the previous episode.  Both of these stories I feel like I would have loved if they hadn’t been forced to share the same space, plus it just feels weird without Kara at the shower.

Going to Mars felt like it was going to be quite the task, but J’onn J’onzz makes space travel look easy.  His fancy spaceship car reminds me of Phil Coulson and his Lola from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (seriously, I could see them admiring each other’s vehicle) mixed with the TARDIS from Doctor Who which has a chameleon circuit to blend in.  It was a fun and interesting concept that explained why he could keep it hidden away, but I thought it was weird that we’re just now finding out about it.  It seems like there have been other times where this car would have come in handy.  Since J’onn can’t go alone, not knowing what he’s walking into, Kara goes with him because she should be able to survive on Mars.  We meet M’gann and her group of rogue White Martians, not all super thrilled at their arrival.  Surprisingly though, M’gann isn’t the focus of this Mars based episode and instead we find out that J’onn’s father, M’rynn J’onnz (Carl Lumbly) is alive and has been tortured this entire time held in a camp on Mars.  You might recognize Carl Lumbly’s voice from Justice League and Justice League Unlimited where he voiced J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter.  It isn’t the goal of getting M’rynn to realize that J’onn is in fact his son in order to get the staff they’re looking for that’s really the focus, but this reconnect.  It’s incredibly sad, but I think that it really is paid off at the end.  We get to see their home on Mars, which is sweet though I have an issue with it.  Kara’s not supposed to be able to be affected by Martian mind powers, but she’s able to see what I’m assuming is a psychically projected memory that J’onn and M’rynn share.  It just doesn’t make sense, though it is a really sweet moment.  

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
Though the bridal shower is mainly the catalyst that brings us to knowing more about Maggie and ultimately meeting her father, Oscar Rodas (Carlos Bernard).  We already knew the basics of the background of what happened with Maggie and how she was outed because of a girl at school.  We find out that she was kicked out at fourteen and that she was told that she’d shamed her father before he dropped her off with an aunt.  Now, Maggie’s father’s surname is different than hers and this wasn’t brought up in the episode, I’m wondering if Maggie took her aunt’s last name or if she chose it herself.  I was really hopeful about Maggie’s father making an appearance, but ultimately he walked out and it’s clear that Maggie has this realization about herself and about who to think of as family.  It seems that Eliza Danvers (Helen Slater) is just going to continue to be the best mom ever because she basically adopts Maggie into the Danvers family.  

Though this episode is very Sanvers heavy and we get a lot of good Alex and Maggie moments, I don’t feel like something’s been discussed that really should be.  They obviously are both strong women and they both absolutely love the other, but Maggie seems to be missing how upset Alex is about the topic of kids.  Maggie tells her at the end of the episode that “you’re all the family I need” and Alex has hoped that maybe Maggie will change her mind.  I think that honestly part of this is that Alex is so afraid of losing Maggie.  It took them so long to make the relationship work and they have such a good relationship at that and Alex is just afraid of losing it, losing Maggie, and probably being alone after making a mistake.  I think that it just comes down to Alex loving Maggie so much and though she wants kids, she feels like her love for Maggie might be enough and in time her wanting of having a child will fade.  

As in other episodes, I have had this irk when it comes to the real world being put into the Supergirl world.  Again, this show is supposed to be on another Earth with a different president.  When Maggie’s dad is going off on her, he tells her, “They’re building a wall to keep us out because in their mind we’re nothing more than rapists and murderers.  The only thing they hate more than a Mexicano is a homosexual, the world is not different, my dear.”  Now, in the world that they’ve always painted, I feel like this just wouldn’t be something that the Wonder Woman president would be letting go on.  I feel like this would have been fine if it had been in any of the other three DCTV shows that exist in the same Earth that we do.  

Episode 4: The Faithful

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
I thought that this episode was interesting since we get to see more about Rao and this part of Kara’s Kryptonian life.  Basically, there’s a cult of people who were saved by Supergirl and they worship her and Rao.  The guy who leads it was actually on the same plane as Alex that was going to Geneva, the first thing Kara did before she even took the title of Supergirl.  

What initiates this whole look into The Cult of Rao for Kara is that she finds a pamphlet while at L Corp with Lena, Sam had been given it by someone who had been super creepy at Ruby’s soccer game saying that they’d both been chosen.  Kara goes to check it out, but not alone, Winn and James tag along (so much for bowling – at least they do things outside of Guardian, the DEO, and CatCo).  We find out that all of these people have been saved by Supergirl and how she basically changed their lives (and she remembers them all except Coville).  The super creepy part of it all is that the cult leader, Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe), is actually using sacred texts of Rao and prayer.  He’s not just making it up, which bothers Kara more.  Out of this, we do get a new flashback of Kara and her mother in a Rao prayer, it was a great short scene and wished that they’d done more with that since they obviously had Erica Durance for the episode.  

The cult escalates when people start putting themselves in danger in order to be saved by Supergirl and so they are able to enter the cult.  Kara goes to Coville to try to get to the bottom of what’s going on and maybe convince him to stop and we’re just as shocked as Kara when Coville admits that he knows that she is Supergirl.  He’s kept the secret and says he’ll continue to do so, but feels like she’s testing him even after she orders him to stop.  Coville doesn’t stop though and takes his little Kryptonian pod that’s about to explode and puts it (and his people) under a hockey rink in order to be saved by Supergirl.  What they don’t realize is that there’s kryptonite and that basically makes Kara human, which ends up freaking everyone out.  Of course things can’t end easily there and the pod is locked Coville out of disarming it.  This was just another instance where I was confused as to why J’onn can’t just fly over there to help out.  However, we get Alex, who is pissed off about what Coville’s done and how he’s put her sister in danger.  They fix it by burning a hole basically to the middle of the earth with Kara’s heat vision and then drop it in.  Now, maybe it’s just me, but that seems mighty dangerous and mighty unstable to have under this hockey rink.  Creepy Coville doesn’t stop there because when Kara visits him in prison, he tells her that he’ll keep her secret and that he believes that he’s just brought her back to her path and Rao.  Now, maybe in another way this could have been sweet, but he’s just flat out creepy still to me.  

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
We get to see more of Samantha and Ruby Arias in this episode and I love that the circle of people who know them have expanded.  Sam is still struggling with being a single mom and the CFO of L Corp, she feels like the worst mother but Lena is quick to assure her that she’s not.  Aside from the creepy cult lady trying to recruit Sam and Ruby to the Cult of Rao, probably one of the two most memorable scenes in this episode were with Sam.  First, I thought that the girls night out drinking scene with Sam hanging out with Lena, Kara, Alex, and Maggie was great.  I love seeing women getting to have female friends and just hanging out.  I also love how Maggie and Alex are basically like we’ll be the cool aunts, which feels like they just automatically adopt Sam and Ruby into the family.  At this point in my mind, Eliza would have already mentally adopted all of these ladies as her kids and Ruby can be her grandkid.  The second scene was during Ruby’s concert that Lena, Kara, and Alex go with Sam where Alex has to walk out during Ruby’s song.  It’s the final breaking point for Alex when it comes to this whole discussion about kids and Kara is there to comfort her, in fact, this feels like the only Danvers sisters moment we get the whole episode that feels like a true moment between them.  This episode goes from creepy to absolutely terrifying for Sam when she seems to be hallucinating that she has marks all over her body and she’s visited by a shadowy creeper.  It’s this slow build up to the Reign storyline and I’m a little worried that I’m loving Sam and Ruby and so are the other characters, this just feels like it isn’t going to end well.  

Although the theme really for the season really feels like it should belong to Kara solely, there was this feeling to me that it was meant more for Alex in this episode.  Sure, Alex is obviously biologically human, but it’s really her allowing herself to completely feel and basically come out that she’s made this mistake for a while where saying that she’ll be okay without kids and her heart is just breaking now because she knows that that isn’t true.  It was horribly heartbreaking to see her bawling her eyes out at the end while Maggie slept, but I’m glad that Kara was with her when she has the breakdown in the concert.  I’m hoping that we’ll get to see more Danvers sisters moments because I think that they really do both need each other no matter if there are significant others in their lives or not.

Episode 5: Damage

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
This episode touches on two main storylines: lead poisoning of children (supposedly because of Lena’s machine to drive the Daxamites away) and Sanvers breaking up.  We have the return of Morgan Edge, who of course is after Lena and L Corp.  It is very reminiscent of “Human for a Day” (1×07) when Maxwell Lord takes advantage of the fact that Supergirl has lost her powers and brands himself National City’s hero.  This feels to me more like a character development based episode rather than super action-y, which is something that I personally enjoy, but oh the feels when it comes to all the characters we love.

Though this episode more focuses on L Corp, we do get to see a little bit of CatCo.  There’s this moment where Lena believes that James is going to just think she’s another Luthor, but James surprises her when he makes it clear that he doesn’t think of her like Lex.  His interests are all about keeping CatCo safe, which means that she should step down from CatCo until things have cleared up so that the public can know that their reporting is truthful.  I think that this is so important and it touches on something that we face (and actually what Edge threatened to do if he had gotten CatCo), knowing that you’re getting the truth and not fake news.  During a press conference, James actually takes a bullet for Lena which leads them to later being on a first name basis.  There’s still very much this vibe of how are we supposed to feel about this characters?  The chemistry is great.  I just get very conflicted about how I’m supposed to feel beyond loving the choice to have them interact so much this season.  

This episode leads to a whole lot of Nancy Drew-eque investigating by Sam and Kara in order to hopefully clear Lena and L Corp’s names, even when Lena tells them to stop.  The DEO finds that there’s a 10.21% chance that Lena is responsible.   Sam and Kara are determined and besides solving it all, they also find some common ground finding out that they were both adopted.  They figure out that all of the children were likely at the same public event and when they go to the park it was held out realize that there’s also a public pool (thanks to Kara for getting them inside the building).  Kara can see the particles in the pool even though she finds out from Winn (via a device that apparently no one thought would ever be used, but is super spiff) that the compound is actually synthetic and when combined with water it appears to be lead and presents the same symptoms as lead poisoning.  I really am loving the two of them together, working together and just hanging out together.  I’m still fully prepared to have my heartbroken later on.Now when they tell Lena what’s going on and the company responsible, Lena lies and says she doesn’t know who it belongs to.  She ends up taking a gun and confronting Morgan Edge remembering that his company had bought Acre Lee years ago.  She tells him “I’m thinking like a Luthor” and you seriously think that Supergirl’s going to show up and talk them both down.  This is probably the part of the episode that I felt was the weakest.  Not only does Lena get knocked out and placed in a plane with the toxin which is remotely operated, but Edge doesn’t get taken to justice at the end of it.  The plane bit just felt very silly to me and let’s be honest, if it was Maxwell Lord then he would have been at the DEO locked up.  

One thing we know is coming is Reign, but at the same time it seems like the writers are really building up this beautiful entwinement of relationships between Sam, Ruby, Kara, Lena, and even Alex.  Seriously, I know that we’re going to need tissues soon enough, there’s no way that we make it past that arc without tears.  In this episode, Ruby is still worried about her mother after her freak out from the hallucination she’d seen before, but Sam brushes it off.  I think that Sam tries really hard to make sure that Ruby is allowed to be a kid for as long as possible and not worry, but obviously, she’s old enough to see and understand what’s going on.  Half of the episode has us in the Arias home where Lena is being hidden away after being shot at the press conference, which gets us a lot of drunk Lena and there’s some babysitting going on between Kara and Sam.  It just nice to see their relationships continuing to develop, especially at the end once that Lena is cleared and the kids are getting better.  Lena tries to apologize and can’t believe they’re still talking to her when Kara tells her “When you’re family, you can say what you need to say and the people who love still will love you” before she and Sam both declare themselves sisters to Lena since she’s never had one.  I thought that this was such a sweet moment and I think it’s just the show further showing that family doesn’t have to be blood and can evolve and include others over time.  Like I said, we all know Reign is coming and probably the biggest realization for Sam this week is when Ruby points out the hole in her mother’s shirt only for Sam to find a squished bullet in her jacket, but she’s uninjured and realizes she’s bulletproof.  

Though the Danvers sisters moments seemed to bookend this episode, I felt like that was honestly for the best.  Kara gave Alex and Maggie time to work through things since she obviously knew it was coming and knew she’d need to be there for her sister.  At the end of the episode when Kara shows up at the bar and sees her sister just feeling broken, I think it truly hits Kara how much they both just need to have time.  There’s no trying to have that time in National City because they’re both going to have a hard time keeping from doing DEO related things, it’s just in their nature to help.  So, I think that that’s really why there’s this huge need for Kara to declare “We’re going home”.

For the SuperCorp shippers, we get a lot of Kara and Lena in this episode.  I think that there were some really great lines in this episode combined with just this great relationship.  Kara’s not giving up on Lena, even if Lena is convinced that perhaps she is evil like her brother.  I really loved the drunken Lena moment where she tells Kara, “You’re terrible at hiding things from me”, because it is honestly hilarious for us but at the same time I think that it proves that Supergirl is likely the one thing that Kara’s currently keeping from Lena.  I think that otherwise, that Lena is really good at reading Kara.  “I know that you believe that everything is good and kind, and that is one of the things I love about you”, Lena had told Kara which is just such a great line and I think it just is such a perfect descriptor of Kara.  Hopefully, we’ll continue to see more of them this season.  

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
For all the Sanvers shippers, I’m sure this episode was a difficult one and I’ve read a lot of comments on thoughts about how the relationship was ended.  Let me first say that I thought that the whole relationship with Sanvers, especially with Alex figuring out her true self and coming out, was just beautifully done.  This episode breaks our hearts because Alex and Maggie are breaking up and Maggie moves out.  They talk about how they’ve talked about it and it’s clear that it’s not a sudden conclusion and it’s clearly difficult for them both to face.  The whole reason behind this in the story is because Alex wants to be a mom, she even goes on to explain it to Maggie, “something that I’ve always known even when everything else whether it was boyfriend or girlfriend, when that was blurry, the part of me being a mom has always been crystal clear.  If I deny that, I’m going to feel that forever.”  It’s not a nasty ending, which I think makes it all the more hard.  They both discuss how the other and their relationship has made them stronger and better people before Maggie tells Alex, “You’re going to be a great mom”.  

Now, I know a lot of people were upset about this because of Maggie being written off and then doing it in the way that they did.  First of all, Floriana Lima (Maggie Sawyer) has other commitments during this season and makes it so she’s unable to be on Supergirl for the remainder of the season.  This doesn’t mean that we’ll never see her again, but they didn’t know if they’ll be able to and when they’d be able to get her back.  Could they have written it differently?  Sure.  Do I think that the way they wrote it was horrible?  I’ve seen a lot of people who feel like that, but I don’t.  I think that in this world that are many people (all genders) who have a strong sense of wanting or not wanting to be a parent.  As much as I hate Sanvers being apart, I think that the stronger choice was not to make either one bend and give in to either having kids or not.  That wouldn’t have resulted in a happy relationship.  I feel like “Far From the Tree” (3×03) established for us that Maggie’s not wanting to have kids has nothing to do with her family or her hard childhood, which I think was important to have.  Alex, I think has a lot of Chyler in her, and I think also that Alex’s story…we saw how she’s done a lot of raising Kara even though they’re so close in age, so I think her wanting to be a mom is very much there.  Could things change?  Sure.  I am sort of wondering if they do manage to get Floriana back, if they’ll have her show back up since there’s nothing that’s been established about what happens to Maggie past her leaving Alex’s apartment.  I would love to see them seeing each other again in the future, but I honestly think that they (and us) need the time apart so maybe at the end of the season or in season four.

Episode 6: Midvale

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
This episode is very much a bottle episode that takes place completely in Midvale between present versions of Alex and Kara and teenage versions of them in a flash to their pasts.  It cracks me up though because they’re using J’onns spaceship car, apparently now that it’s out of the garage they’re definitely going to use it.  My thought is that they’ve basically decided that just in case there’s some crazy incident, then Kara and Alex can get there as soon as they can.  

Eliza (Helen Slater) is back again in this episode.  Basically, I feel like we can’t have enough of Eliza.  We’ve come so far with her relationship with the girls since season one and I absolutely love that she can see through Kara’s hiding about her losing Mon-El.  I think that also, that the Danvers are the ones that can understand but also be there for Kara when she’s fighting with whether to be Kryptonian or Human (I still don’t understand why there has to be such a distinction).  

Between Alex and Kara, they get into this fight immediately because Kara wants Alex to talk.  There’s this fight about how Kara wouldn’t open up after Mon-El and so Alex doesn’t feel like it’s fair that she has to spill her guts about things.  Alex is drunk and they just decide to go to bed.  

This is the first episode where we get to see both new casts of teenage Alex (Olivia Nikkanen) and Kara (Izabela Vidovic), although I think the original cast actresses would have been fine for this age, I do like the new girls.  I am wondering if the girls worked with Melissa and Chyler because their mannerisms and how they speak in certain parts are so perfect.  I think that perhaps it also makes us feel like there’s more time that’s passed than the last time we were gifted with flashbacks.  

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
Teenage Kara and Alex are horrible to each other, they both know what buttons to push.  This flashback takes place after Jeremiah’s “death” and that’s obviously not helping things with the relationship between the girls.  Kara and Alex seem to be in nearly all the same classes, which I feel like normally schools wouldn’t do but perhaps Eliza thought that it would be good for them.  

We get to meet a friend of Kara and Alex’s, Kenny, who is bullied by the football players but he doesn’t seem to really affect him.  Kenny seems to understand both Alex and Kara, telling Kara that Alex is just having a hard time after losing her dad.  Of course, Kara can’t tell him about losing her family and Krypton, which has to make it so hard on her.  We get to see this adorable moment between Kara and Kenny later on stargazing.  

Teenage Alex is even more nasty to Kara when she sneaks back home, basically blaming her for how her life is and her father’s death along with telling her that she’s not worth all of that.  I think that this is important because we’ve heard adult Alex talk about how hard it was and now we get to see it for both of them because it wasn’t easy for either of them.  They didn’t have this perfect relationship from the start, but that it was something that was forged.

When it’s revealed that Kenny was found dead after the stargazing, Kara can’t handle all the people talking about him.  She has a hard time dealing with the people who are sad who didn’t even know him and the people who seem to be glad that he’s dead (and possibly have a motive to kill him).  When Kara goes to visit Kenny’s parents, the mother is upset that they can’t find their son’s telescope (which was his prize possession), so Kara vows to find it and bring it to her.  Teenage Kara and Alex do a lot of Nancy Drew-ing for the remainder of the episode, which is fitting with how they turned out.  Alex admits that her secret was that Kenny was tutoring her in calculus in order to keep her from failing.  Throughout this whole second half of the episode, all I can think is why do these girls keep going out in the dark and how far do they live from civilization?  Like, there’s a lot of walking that goes on.  

There are a few mentions of Superman characters in this episode, including Lex Luthor and Chloe Sullivan.  If you aren’t familiar then it’s not a huge deal, but those easter eggs are always fun to encounter when you know the background.  With Kara and Alex going through Kenny’s laptop that they found, they start uncovering secrets that Kenny had in order to try to find out who killed him.  The girls uncover a relationship between a student and a teacher and confront them, which ends up getting the two of them almost killed.  Something that I’m hoping comes up later is that J’onn J’onzz actually came to Kara as an FBI agent telling her to stay out of it (because Alex could have been killed) but in the form of Alura (Erica Durance).  I really want to see a conversation where J’onn maybe tells Kara that he felt like her mother was the only person she’d listen to (after all, he promised Jeremiah to take care of his girls).  I feel like maybe in that moment, Kara felt like being more Kryptonian until J’onn scared her out of it.  

The big and creepy reveal about who killed Kenny is Sheriff Collins (David Chisum), who seems to know everyone.  Throughout the episode, I wasn’t sure if this was because Midvale is so small or if it’s just because the Danvers are prominent in the area?  Perhaps it’s even because of Jeremiah Danvers’ “death”.  The save of Alex is a great call back to episodes where Kara has used her hearing in order to find Alex and save her.  The resolution ends up seeming to be what gets them to be the awesome and close sisters they are now.  They basically end up being the only ones that talk to them in school.  Kara tells Alex that Kenny knew all along that she could fly, that was Kryptonian and didn’t tell and loved her for her.  When Alex pushes that they could still use powers and such, Kara tells her, “I’d rather be human than risk losing you.”  In return, Alex promises something else, “I’ve never had a sister, I promise I’ll get better at it.”  I think this was a cute way to end the sort of wrap up the emotions of the flashback and also, I think the transitions to and from teen/adult versions are adorable and it felt like a shared dream in a way.

As much as this episode was supposed to be about Alex having time away to work on getting over Maggie, it was about Kara getting over Mon-El…and perhaps even reuniting the Danvers sisters once again.  I sort of expect there to be more Danvers sisters moments for the rest of the season (even if we also get some Sam and Lena mixed in with them, or even Winn and James like old times).  Their bantering was adorable as well at the end, it felt very true to sisters as well as best friends.  I’m only sad that we haven’t gotten more flashbacks of them since the start of the show.

Episode 7: Wake Up

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
This is an episode that I think a lot of people have been waiting for with Chris Wood’s name has still been in the Supergirl credits throughout season three, so something had to be coming, right?  Well, we finally get to see Mon-El (Chris Wood) in this episode in something that isn’t a flashback.  Now, the title of this episode is interesting because it’s what Mon-El yells at Kara in “Girl of Steel” (3×01) when she seems to be drowning and goes into this dream state and then later in the episode, she later tells herself the same thing to “wake up”.  This episode focuses on Mon-El and what has happened to him since the end of season two but also has a second storyline following Samantha’s origin story.  

The DEO and Supergirl find Mon-El and the ship via J’onn’s really interesting group phasing thing.  Winn’s thoughts on it were, “That was horrible.  That was amazing.  Can we do that all the time?” which sounded very much like a child after a rollercoaster ride.  They find Mon-El protecting pods, which leads us to an overjoyed Kara.  With Mon-El’s return, we have a lot of people there to support him and Kara.  I really appreciated how they wrote James’ part and how he’s supportive of Kara, Mon-El, and Karamel.  Even if it’s not your cup of tea as far as shipping goes, I always love when the other possible love interest is mature.  

When Mon-El knocks out DEO agents and goes to take something, though, Kara has to stop him and lock him up in DEO jail.  I don’t understand exactly why Mon-El doesn’t want to tell anyone anything if it’s because he doesn’t think that they’ll believe him?  I mean, this isn’t Star Trek so there’s no Prime Directive to follow.  I kept waiting for a reason besides I’m from the future to explain things.  I do appreciate we get this bro-moment between Winn and Mon-El and of course, saying that Kara could get hurt would press basically everyone’s button of helping.  

Supergirl Retro Review – The First 7 of Season 3
Winn helps Mon-El with the alien ship and the pods, but Kara isn’t having it especially with them not telling her anything.  There’s a sort of nice but weird moment where Kara sees her necklace (did she forget that she gave it to him?).  It comes out that even though it’s been seven months for everyone else, it’s been seven years for Mon-El before explaining what happened to him.  It’s weird that he finally explains it but why he was silent and weird up until that point.  One of the pods isn’t able to restore power and Kara helps Mon-El to free the woman from the pod, Imra.  

Kara and Mon-El actually start to talk when Imra comes in and interrupts, which I’m sure Karamel shippers aren’t thrilled about…especially because there’s kissing.  It’s at that moment that Mon-El explains that Imra Ardeen is his wife.  Of all the other things we were expecting, he couldn’t have said something sooner?  It sucks for shippers, but let’s not forget that there’s still a chance to get our version of Mon-El back before he’s hurled into the future (or grab him right when he gets there).  Or are these future people stuck in the past?  

There’s this subplot going on within the DEO with the J’onzz’s.  We find out that J’onn’s dad, M’rynn hasn’t left the DEO since they arrived on Earth.  I’m just trying to imagine what the DEO quarters look like and all I can come up with is gray walls like something from Stargate SG-1 when they lived on base.  It just can’t be home-y.  Winn goes to J’onn explaining that he thinks M’rynn seems to feel like a prisoner of the DEO.  J’onn brushes it off for most of the episode until Alex and Winn join forces in order to force him to leave.  During their excursion, M’rynn points out that J’onn’s the one who is the prisoner to the DEO, he’s buried himself in his work.  In the end, J’onn gets them an apartment to be their home and his father super approves of this.  I’m not sure how much more of M’rynn we’ll see, but I’m hoping that we get to see more building of that relationship and J’onn having his own Green Martian family there on Earth.  

The other big storyline for this episode is the build-up towards Reign.  They really took these seven initial episodes to build up her and Ruby’s stories and to really make us love them.  Sam ends up going back to her adoptive mom, Patricia, in order to find out more about herself.  We find out that Sam was kicked out when she was pregnant with Ruby, that at that point Patricia felt like Sam was an adult and had made her choice in life.  When Sam brings up everything weird that’s been happening and how she was shot, but didn’t feel it or become injured, Patricia shows Sam her true origins.  The pod that Sam traveled to Earth in from Krypton was found by Patricia, who took the baby to care for and hid away the pod.  Patricia said she meant to tell her when she was eighteen, she’d wanted Samantha to have a normal life, but didn’t get to tell her at eighteen because she’d been gone after having Ruby.  I do appreciate that Patricia’s whole thing was that she’d wanted Sam to have a normal life, which is what basically everyone in Kara’s life wanted for her.  Though, I don’t think Eliza would have thrown her out if she got pregnant, just saying.  

Sam takes a piece from the pod that seems to be showing her the way someplace, she ends up basically getting lost and having her vehicle breaking down in the middle of the desert.  Apparently, that’s where she was supposed to be because a spike-y desert version of Elsa’s castle popped up.  When Sam enters it, she finds a hologram there that she recognizes from dreams (it’s a lot like Kara’s Alura answer hologram).  The hologram explains that Sam is now in her Fortress of Sanctuary that is made of Krypton.  She goes on to explain that Sam has a reason to be there.  “They will not call you a hero.  They will call you Worldkiller.”  Sam has a hard time taking this in after she’d thought that she was going to be like Supergirl, which is also what Ruby was hoping for.  I’m sure that Sam’s thinking that she’s the most awful mom ever when she hears she’s supposed to be a destroyer.  But then it gets worse, the hologram tells her that Ruby was an error and kept her from becoming her intended self.  Not only that, but it starts the process of Sam forgetting who she is and everything else.  “It is time for you to become Reign”.  So, now all I keep thinking is that Ruby’s going to be calling one of her newly adopted aunts – Lena, Kara, or Alex – when her mother doesn’t return.  Also, I feel like we should all prepare for all the feels and have a box of tissues standing by (I can’t see it going any other way).

I’m hoping that we get a lot of things in future episodes and maybe even next season…  

Obviously, I’d love to see them find a way to bring Maggie back (if Floriana’s schedule allows for it), but I’d really love to see some characters we haven’t seen since season one and there was really no explanation as to why…they just vanished.  Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) are two of the season one characters that come to mind.  Lucy could come back in either a CatCo or DEO capacity, either I would be more than happy about.  Max would definitely be a bit trickier, though I’d love to see him come in to help the DEO with something because we all know that Max knows that he’s the smartest guy in the world.  I’m sure that Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) and President Olivia Marsdin (Lynda Carter) are also people we’ll keep seeing but we’d all love more of.

I’d love to see more of Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), especially if we get flashbacks of him with the teen versions of Alex and Kara.  I feel like they’d easily be able to still use Tyler since Clark is supposed to be older, plus Kryptonian genes.  I also keep hoping for them to do a comic storyline where Alura and Zor-El actually didn’t die on Krypton, it’s actually something that I’ve been waiting to come out since they announced that Erica Durance would play Alura this season along with the Mon-El disappearing into the wormhole thing.  It just seems like there’s definitely some plans going on and that would be such an interesting story arc to bring along.  Having Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Caine) returning to the story would also be good because I feel like we really haven’t resolved that. What are you looking forward to seeing in future episodes or even future seasons?  Someone specifically you’d like to have back?

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