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Superb Summer Flowers and Plants for Your Home

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Superb summer flowers and plants for your home

The warmer months are associated with abundant life and many plants are in bloom during this time of year. This is great news for nature lovers who want to bring some of that beauty inside. If you are not sure what to opt for this season, here are a few of the best summer flowers and plants for your home.


These summer flowers are available with single or double blooms. They come in several colours include pink, red, yellow, orange and white. The leaves are often glossy and the plant produces flowers from summer to autumn. They can be enjoyed as cut flowers but they are more popular as potted plants.

Calla Lilies

These summer flowers are known and loved for their sweet scent and unique appearance. While white is the most popular variety, they are also available in yellow, pink, purple and orange. They are excellent for weddings and handheld bouquets as well as cut arrangements and they can do well as container plants too.


Daisies are one of the most diverse summer flowers of all. There are many different varieties available and they are known for lasting long too. Larger daisies can be used as mass or focal flowers while smaller varieties work well as mass or even filler flowers in larger arrangements.


These blooms are unique in that they are actually made up of large clusters of small flowers on each stem. They are available in various shades of blue, pink and purple as well as white. The pH of the soil determines the colour of the blooms and sometimes a single plant can produce more than one colour. Once cut, these blooms have a shorter lifespan than most but the good news is that you only need a few stems to create a stunning and impressive display.


There is nothing that can compare to the scent of lavender! These gorgeous flowers are also very useful since they help repel bugs and you can dry them to make tea. So, once you cut them from the plant, you can display them in your home and even use them after they have dried!


These gorgeous summer flowers are known for their tall stems and ruffled petals. They come in pink, purple, blue and white. They are perfect for bridal bouquets as well as table arrangements for just about any occasion.


When it comes to summer flowers, you cannot neglect to mention the peony! These flowers have a shorter bloom season than most but they are certainly worth it! They also have a somewhat shorter lifespan as cut flowers but this does not make them any less popular for weddings.


Sunflowers are probably one of the first summer flowers that will come to mind. They are large, bright and you only need a few of these stems to bring colour to any room. They bloom throughout summer and well into the autumn season which makes them even more versatile in terms of seasonal bouquets.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing summer flowers available during these warmer months. Many of these blooms look amazing all on their own or you can pair them with other summer blooms to create a stunning mixed bouquet.

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