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Super Wifi

By Mismisleyson
Before the year 2012 ended, everyone has been talking about this so called “Super Wifi” to be a big thing in the year 2013. But what is really meant by “Super Wifi”? According to an article I read from Julie Bort, this Super Wifi is not really a Wireless Fidelity (Wifi) nor a form of Wifi which uses an unlicensed spectrum. Instead it is a new kind of wireless network running on unused or underused or popularly known as white spaces.
But can the Philippines actually harness this big time project? Recently the Philippine Government has been planning to connect those unused television channels or white spaces within the next three years to connect rural areas, elementary schools and other e-business and government service agencies.
In the Philippines, not everyone has their own internet access like broadband and WiFi. And not all have personal computers in their household and could not even afford to have an internet connection. Even elementary and highs schools do not have a direct access to the world wide web.
According to experts, the Super Wifi is an ideal wireless data delivery that should be used by the Filipinos because of its long distance propagation characteristics and its ability to travel over the water and even thick concrete walls.
Can Super Wifi affect the local telecommunication companies that offer Wifi plans and subscriptions? Yet again, according to a DOST-ICT Official this will not compete with the existing telcos or cause any delays in the transmission of wireless data. In fact they said that if the price of the connectivity sevice is lower, then they could give these telcos free TV connectivity.
But at this time, all are still under research and development. All plans have been taken well into consideration and all stakeholders are also dealt accordingly. The government is taking into considerations the many issues that should be taken care of.
Even if this Super Wifi is still not being used in the country, it has already have big impact the local and national media. Everyone who is internet savvy can be excited because of its numerous advantages both from the service provider and the end user. This Super Wifi is stronger and faster than the existing Wifi connections especially those living or working in the dead spot areas where most broadband connections do not have access. Super Wifi is also weather and UV resistant unlike other broadband when the weather is rainy the connection is also slow.

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