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Super Hero Dog Training

By Ciciwriter @suemagic

Logan C. is just a regular teenager growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada. Only thing is she has a peanut allergy that is lethal. If she is near any form of peanuts, raw, cooked, butter, dust, she has allergy symptoms that escalate from difficulty breathing to shock.

The scary part about having a nut allergy is that there are many foods that contain nuts (and not just the obvious ones), causing a reaction in people who are highly allergic. Last year, lax school teachers and officials caused Logan illness and having to stay away from school because it was too dangerous for her health.

“Lo was 1 yr and a half when she was diagnosed, having a reaction to the test,” said Nikhi, her mom.

“A school outing last year to Subway almost cost her her life, and she spent 11 days at the IWK in Halifax fighting for her life. We had to be ambulanced there, because our hospital was not equipped to handle her case. She also had an outbreak of rash and breathing issues, and a subsequent trip to the hospital after a class outing. One bully was tossing garbage into Lo’s bag. This is also the same child who thought it was funny to run her hands down Lo’s back, after sneaking/running up behind her, and saying she had just had peanuts.

“The oils left behind, the residue, are extremely scary, because they can appear as sweat would…so NO way of knowing.

*I went repeatedly to the school about one of Logan’s teachers having peanut butter and peanut products in the classroom. It took three phone calls and one requested meeting to find out she had another hidden jar. Her reason for having this deadly food near my daughter? It cost 1.99 on sale.

“There were many days where there was not soap in the bathrooms, so how would the kids eating peanut butter wash their hands thoroughly.

*While discussing issues we were having, the tables were turned so that whatever Lo MAY have done wrong became the highlight of conversation.

*I have tried to climb the ladder with the school board, and no calls were returned.

*Each exposure Lo has had…not ONE person called to see how she was doing, from the school. When we were at the hospital, the principal called my my mother and wanted to make sure “my nose was not bent out of shape”,” she shared.

Nikhi and Logan were devastated by the response from the school.

A couple of months ago, Nikhi decided that enough was enough and determined to find a peanut detector dog for Logan. A dog that could save her daughter’s life. And that is when Declan, the Super Hero Dog in the Making appeared. Declan is in the process of being trained as a peanut detection dog by Tecla’s K9 Academy, LLC.

“Dogs in shelters are there for a MULTITUDE of reasons, and you CAN find a good dog, like Declan. As far back as we know his history- he went to BARCS Animal Shelter after being found injured. He may have been hit by a car, and BARCS fixed his leg, and he went to stay with foster Mama Michelle, while he healed. Some reasons dogs are given up; too old, too playful (puppies), their people are moving, no time, parents have passed, going on vacation, it is the Christmas holidays and so on.” Nikhi said.

“I made a concise list of what I needed the dog to be, as well as what I wanted the dog to be- I found it very useful, especially when I need to consider my own allergies, as well as time and money for grooming. Allergies and time for grooming were at the top of my list, as whoever the dog is needs to be well cared for and clean. My preferences were simple: short-hair, preferably male, young, and a Pit Bull type dog, with a desire to work, and friendly with people of all ages, as well as other dogs. The ears and handsomeness were an added bonus!”

A Peanut Detector Dog is a valuable tool for a person with an allergy to peanuts. Since a dog’s sense of smell far surpasses that of humans, detection of odors is a perfect job for these dogs. Our Peanut Dogs, undergo extensive training, are easily able to detect minute quantities of peanuts in any form

The cost of training a peanut detection dog, like a bomb sniffing dog or any service dog, is difficult to manage on a tight budget.

So Nikhi reached out to her friends who are holding an online auction to raise funds for the training. The auction will be held from August 13th at midnight and run until August 19th at 4pm EST. if you would like to donate an item or services, please email  [email protected].

To follow Declan’s Journey please go to his page  Here is a Direct Link to his Fundraise link for anyone who would just like to donate that way

Auction for Declan & Lo **OPEN** (37 photos)Auction to Help with Declan’s service Super Hero Dog Training will Open August 13th at midnight and run until August 19th at 4pm EST if you would like to donate please email me at [email protected] and [email protected] you!!Please check out From Underdog to Hero: Declan’s Diary (Journey of a Shelter dog)‘ Page to follow his Journey!please go to his page is a Direct Link to his Fundraise link for anyone who would just like to donate that way
Super hero dog training
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