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Sundaze 17

By Winyeemichelle
Sundaze 17

Back to work, L U C I F E R & puppy adventures.
一. It’s been a busy week around these parts! A good busy, but busy nonetheless. I’ve spent much of the weekend snoozing and trying to catch up on sleep and slacking on the blog, but I feel happy and content. You win some you lose some. I’ve been in the office 3 days this week for a client of mine and, I’ve gotta say, I suppose I have missed everyday human interaction, tea runs and gossiping about TV shenanigans from the evening before! It’s been quite something getting stuck into a traditional office routine and getting in the loop with meetings and new faces and I feel more busy and tired than ever before, but I think I’m managing the balance - just about.
二. Finally finally started watching Lucifer this week and it is DAMN GOOD. I’ve been meaning to watch it for around a month now and have no idea how I managed to completely miss the boat on it back in January?! Let’s blame a hazy confection of stuck-in-Hong-Kong and international-move, shall we? I really recommend it if you’re into Arrow, The Flash, Sherlock, and that sort of thing. It's clever but I'm excited to see them polish everything up for season two! I’ve managed to completely finish the series whilst housebound with pup from Friday through to today!
Sundaze 17

01. Puppy walks amongst fallen blossom.
02. I'm currently obsessed with photographing blooms and nature.
03. Visited the Platform 9 3/4 shop because I'm always missing my train.
04. Cocktails with Sarah at a little Vivienne Westwood event.

三. Milo is allowed outdoors! And let’s just file the idea of daily walks a massive work in progress… Guys, this pup just doesn’t like the public realm. We’ve been going for short steals up and down the road, treats and toys and all, but he’s very nervous at the moment. We walk him with a harness and lead but he doesn’t manage much more than a few steps before just lying down and being done with it all. As usual, tips are very welcome! Is it just a learn-as-you-go sort of thing?
Sundaze 17

四. Sometimes you find yourself at a complete loss for words throughout the entire working day, and then a conversation or seven by moonlight sets things back on track. Somehow I’ve been stretching my eyeballs and daily hours through to 1am, 2am, 3am and it’s been kinda nice.

Currently coveting:

Sundaze 17

五. I bought these adorable ‘Daydreamer’ pencils from Sainsbury’s of all places yesterday after reading a post about them on Cherry’s blog. The entire range was lovely if I’m honest but I couldn’t justify *more* notebooks after my Japan haul, eh? I’d 100% recommend popping in for a browse - Cherry’s post is here!
六. Last but not least, a handful of things I’m most excited for:
  • A Parisian getaway with my two best friends.
  • Indulging in Hello Kitty afternoon tea with my blogging girl gang.
  • An entire day spent with my best girl Ebony.
  • The possibility of finally visiting Bali this year for my cousin’s wedding!
  • New car day! New car day!

How was your week?

Links I’ve Loved:

  • Forever a hopeless romantic at heart, this post from Miho was an absolute pleasure to read, reminiscing on first date feelings and recounting very first memories, all coupled with beautiful photos from Regent’s Park.
  • I feel like I have a weekly quarter-life crisis at the moment so my girl Hannah’s spin on the infamous 30 Before 30 post came at a welcome time. Eloquent, poignant and just so damn relatable, I really recommend a read, no matter what age you’re at.
  • If there was a visual representation of what blogger goals were, it’d always be Liv for me. This outfit post is utter perfection; the clothes, the poses, the down-to-Earth sass.
  • As a short-term expat that one time, Rae’s thoughts on living far from home really resonated with me. I moved home for several of the reasons, the points that she made. And I’m still undecided whether that was the best decision.

Posts This Week:

  • The ‘Holy Moly, It’s Suddenly Warm’ Edit - An obligatory ASOS and Toyshop wishlist because I suddenly realised that my entire wardrobe is full of knits and jeans. (read it here)
  • Things about England - Another list post full of the littlest things that make England pretty acceptable. ;) (read it here)
  • 1.11 - A mini mini post, inspired, oddly, by Writer’s Block. (read it here)

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