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Sundaze 16

By Winyeemichelle
Sundaze 16

Anime recommendations, let's talk F R E E L A N C E & other tidbits.
一. It’s Sunday again! This week has completely run away with me and I can’t even begin to distinguish one day from another. I always find cosy at-home weeks to completely blur into one squishy ball of goodness that never sounds great to others. “Hi, yes, I stayed in all week and it was glorious.” My main accomplishments include finally watching season 6B of Pretty Little Liars (they should’ve left it at the A reveal, IMO) and absolutely bossing it on the work front. Also been watching Boku no Hero Academia, Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu and keeping up with Good Morning Call, a Netflix Original Japanese drama. All come with good recommendations from me ;)
二. As I find I have lots of time towards the end of my working week, I’m trying to channel my leisure time into reading. I haven’t finished an entire book so far in 2016 which is pretty awful all things considered! After almost finishing my bedroom decor, I found a stack of new(ish) books that I bought before moving to Hong Kong that are still unread. Oops. So I’m getting back into reading, fuelled, as ever, by my Goodreads obsession. Come find me here!

Currently coveting:

三. This week saw me begin a stint in-house for one of my clients. I think I’m going to introduce more *content* about freelancing as it’s something that I’m always asked about. I freelance in copywriting and content (dabbling in social media and community management) for a living, working for a number of fashion and lifestyle clients here in England and also in Hong Kong. Once in a while it necessitates me going to a real office that isn’t in my house and it has been all sorts of fun, odd and scary going back to one! A good scary!
Sundaze 16 Sundaze 16

A new ASOS addition (shop it here) and beauty faves.
四. A quick shoutout to beauty products that I’ve been obsessed with all week: firstly, Benefit’s Posietint. I’ve had this in my stash - unopened - for absolutely ages and the lovely weather pushed me to try it. LOVE. I’m yet to try it on my cheeks but it gives a beautifully ‘pretty’ pink flush to the lips. I usually opt for a bright lip or neon gradient, but softer hues are also welcome, for now at least. And next, my beloved The Saem Micro Peel Soft Gel, easily my favorite exfoliator. I’ve been using this in the mornings in place of my cleanser to brighten up my complexion and it works wonders.

五. Tonight I’m finally getting out of the house and heading out for dinner with my cousins! Long-time readers of this blog will know all about our old routine of spending Sunday evenings at Granny’s house; it’s nice to do something similar and hang out with the cousins. We’re getting Thai food at a place in my hometown that I’m yet to try out - excited!
Sundaze 16 Sundaze 16

Gratuitous Milo photos!
六. Finally, I’ve been pondering the good and bad of possibly switching up my blog layout again. I try and keep this at a minimum because I know how much it frustrates/confuses me when layouts constantly change, but I *think* I’m done with the tiled homepage of mine at the moment. Although, I suppose several blog readers read by post rather than from the homepage? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know!

Links I’ve Loved

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  • This recipe for Barbecue Tumeric Chicken Thighs on Rachel’s blog sounds absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to help rustle this up for Papa Daisy’s annual birthday barbecue party.
  • My pal Bee shared this post full of happy things and I have always been the HUGEST fan of this series on Vivatramp. Bloody love this girl. Love her.
  • 18 "Harry Potter" Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Feel Feelings - need I say more? You should read this and cry because I did.
  • refinery29 hits it right out of the field again with this article about being ghosted - by a best friend.
  • Lyndsay shared this post about the annual Brighton Foodies Festival and, um, YUM.

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