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Sunbrella Durability

By Canvasgirl

Sunbrella Durability Challenge: Spills and Stains

In this edition of the Sunbrella Durability Challenge we take on life's spills and stains: red wine, chocolate syrup, ketchup, blueberry pie filling and Mother Nature's favorite, mildew.

How will stain resistant Sunbrella fabric stand up to the match? Watch as we invite people to do their best Jackson Pollock drip painting impressions on patio furniture seat cushions upholstered in Sunbrella. With splashes of red wine, drizzles of ketchup and dollops of blueberry topping they try to stain the cushions.

With Sunbrella quality control technicians, Brandon and Michael, standing by, onlookers lined up to test the stain resistant upholstery fabric. First up: red wine poured onto a cushion. The stain release finish applied to Sunbrella caused the wine to bead up on the fabric surface and a quick spray with plain tap water rinses it away.

Next up against our stain resistant upholstery fabric: ketchup, chocolate syrup and blueberry pie filling. Here we see our artists emerge. There's a ketchup smiley face and a large, looping, chocolate figure eight. Again, our technicians draw their squirt bottles and use tap water to wash away the stains.

The mildew test draws onlookers familiar with the stains that dust and organic debris can create on upholstered backyard furniture cushions, awnings and umbrellas. Our technicians have a piece of white and green striped fabric that they've left outside to let Mother Nature inflict her wrath. Anyone with a backyard living space is familiar with black mildew stains that can damage fabric. When they use a bleach/water mix on Sunbrella fabric, onlookers are surprised to see the stains fade away, but the mildew resistant Sunbrella fabric's color holds firm.

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