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Summertime Wall Art...with #CanvasCorp

By Midwesterngirl @MidwesternGirl5
Earlier in the spring I repainted my living & dining room. And, when I was done, I decorated for spring. And then I was done. I haven't touched a single accessory since then.
So, when I was straightening up the other day I realized I needed a bit more "summer" in my decor. I began looking through my stash and I noticed I had a 12x12 stretched burlap canvas (question: is it still called a canvas if it's burlap? Probably not, but you know what I mean...right?) from Canvas Corp. And as soon as I saw that, I remembered the coolest piece of scrapbooking paper...also from Canvas Corp.
Here's the "canvas..."
summertime wall art...with #CanvasCorp
And here's the paper...
summertime wall art...with #CanvasCorp
Isn't that paper fantastic???
So, I knew these were the items I was going to use...what I wasn't quite sure of was how to use them. I didn't really want to Mod Podge the paper to the burlap...because I didn't think it would work. So I grabbed my craft knife and went to work.
Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen this photo the other day...
summertime wall art...with #CanvasCorp
See what's happenin' there? Oh yeah. It took FOREVER. But it was a great "sit-in-front-of-the-TV-and-do-a-project" project...
When all of the letters were cut out, I adhered the paper to the burlap with Easy Tack (repositionable/removable spray adhesive)...
summertime wall art...with #CanvasCorp
...grabbed some acrylic paint, and went to work.
Because I don't have any ombre in my house I thought it might be fun to make this project I painted the bottom row blue and just kept adding white paint to the blue as I worked my way up the burlap.
summertime wall art...with #CanvasCorp
Here's the burlap before I removed the paper.
And here's the final product:
summertime wall art...with #CanvasCorp
In reality, it was a little difficult to keep the stencil tight against the burlap, so there was some paint leakage past the actual letter cut-out. But I really don't mind adds to the laid-back, summertime feel of the, you can still read the words, so...all is well.
summertime wall art...with #CanvasCorp
So, what do you think? I think it adds a nice, beachy feeling to my decor...I love the texture and colors...
summertime wall art...with #CanvasCorp
And it looks great in my kitchen.
DISCLOSURE: From time to time, Canvas Corp. sends me product to play with. They never require anything of me, but I think their products are fantastic and I want to let everyone know when I use them in my projects. Thank you, Canvas Corp!
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